Glock handguns are popular for many reasons, which we don’t have time or space to cover fully here. You probably know them all by now, anyway.

In a nutshell, they are lightweight, handle well, have good ergonomics, and since they are dense, compact, and feature fairly high capacities for their size, many of them are excellent for home defense or as concealed carry guns.

But the Glock, as great a handgun as it (generally) is, as many shooter-friendly features as it possesses, and as much mystique as there is behind it, could be better.

Specifically, with these Glock upgrades, some of which you can find online at Anarchy Outdoors.

Extended Magazine Release

Stock Glock mag releases can be difficult to engage, which means taking more time to drop the mag, and potentially (and much worse) fumbling with the gun.

AO’s Glock extended mag releases make it easier to drop the mag, and faster, which is vital in high-stress situations.

Glock Compensator

Want an easy-to-install Glock upgrade that will cut felt recoil by as much as 50% without adversely affecting shot power?

Get a Glock compensator from Anarchy Outdoors. They are easy to install, compatible with several models and generations of Glock pistols, and can seriously slash muzzle jump and recoil.

Base Plate and Slide Plate

These are mostly cosmetic upgrades, but if you are interested in personalizing your Glock, you can get Glock base plates and slide plates online at Anarchy Outdoors that are color-coordinated with each other.

Get These Glock Upgrades, Bundled

Interested in the Glock upgrades mentioned so far, and want to get them for a bargain? You can get the upgrades mentioned above bundled at Anarchy Outdoors – so you can save over buying them separately.

Other Great Glock Upgrades

These are not the only practical Glock upgrades you can make. Consider also the following.

Glock Magwell

One of the upgrades already mentioned has to do with cutting the time it takes to reload the gun. Magwells go with extended mag releases like bread and butter: they both cut reload times.

AO’s Glock magwells (which are easy to install and will not damage the frame of the handgun) naturally funnel the magazine up and into the gun – and like extended mag releases, can slash the time it takes to reload.

They can also decrease fumbling with the gun, which is critical in competition and other high-stakes situations.

Night Sights

Night sights are another practical upgrade, especially if you want to be able to improve the accuracy of your shot placement in the dark but don’t want to give away your location.

The thing about WMLs is, while they are great shooting accessories and serve a critical function – they betray your position.

Night Glock sights, by contrast, can keep you hidden but still confer the advantage of improved accuracy in the dark.

Also, the batteries will never die on night sights, and you can easily install them on Glock pistols.

Upgraded Guide Rod

One more useful Glock upgrade. Glocks come from the factory with polymer guide rods. This is a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because it lowers the overall weight of the gun.

Ironically, it’s a curse because it lowers the overall weight of the gun.

These polymer guide rods may be lightweight, corrosion-proof, and low-maintenance, but they can exacerbate recoil and muzzle flip.

One of the easiest upgrades you could possibly make is to install a heavier guide rod – and there are multiple different tungsten and steel aftermarket guide rods available.

Heavier metal guide rods are stronger than polymer and can stabilize the manner in which a pistol points. They can also add an ounce or two to the front of the gun, keeping the muzzle down during firing.

It won’t make a huge impact, but it has the potential to improve handling.

Visit Anarchy Outdoors

These are only a few of the custom Glock upgrades you can make; there are also drop-in triggers, Glock barrels and slights, fiber optic sights, recoil springs, and other Glock parts.

Some of the upgrades mentioned in this article are available online at – and their parts come with a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee.

Visit their website for more information or contact them at 833-980-0333 for more information.