3 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Improve their Negotiations Skills

Digital tools are a powerful driving force for businesses. Vivid Fish says that 89% of purchases start with a web search. With over five billion people actively using the Internet (Statista), it’s the place to be for any growing business.

As a digital marketing service provider, learning how to negotiate can help you take this opportunity by storm and boost your business.

Step up your profits

A trained negotiator is less likely to leave money on the table, which can improve their profits. Here’s how you can similarly boost your numbers. 

Set profitable price ranges

Setting your prices as a range rather than as fixed values gives you wiggle room to adjust without hurting your bottom line. You can accommodate your customers when they ask for a lower rate while still achieving a rate within your range.

Anchor the price 

According to www.negotiations.com, an anchor price is the first figure thrown into the mix during payment negotiations. Once the anchor is put out there, it creates an anchoring bias. All further discussions about price will make port around the anchor and as a result, the final one won’t fall too far from this price.

Knowing how to anchor can give you an advantage so you get the rates you desire. You can also learn how to counter an anchoring bias if the other side proposes a price before you do.

Communicate your competitive advantage

With the right skills, you can package your service offering in a way that sparkles with value. In return, you can land higher ticket customers that don’t negotiate on price but rather on value.

Master the key skills to succeed

Negotiation training can help digital marketers learn important skills that give them an edge. Some key techniques that are useful for digital marketers in their line of work include: 

  • Research. Taking the time to research and prepare yourself before engaging with customers can help you present business concepts that are more likely to captivate buyers.
  • Communication. Expressing yourself loud and clear avoids confusion and friction for smoother business deals.
  • Negotiation styles. Having multiple approaches in your toolkit and knowing how to use them can give you the upper hand. For example, in some cases, a more understanding approach that seeks out a mutual win-win will serve you better. However, sometimes a firmer and more competitive approach will bring the deal home. 
  • Active listening. You can make more headway when you understand the core of your customer’s pain points. By actively listening, you can come up with more tailored solutions to satisfy and retain your customers. In turn, happier customers help you score more business through referrals and testimonials. 
  • Conflict resolution. Negotiation training can help you find ways to iron out relationships and resolve conflicts with customers to keep them happy and coming back for more. 
  • Persuasion. Swaying new customers your way can help grow your digital marketing service faster.

Customer retention 

Negotiations involve an exchange of value. You provide what the other side values most. In return, you persuade the other side to let go of what you value the most.

So, to get the most value out of a negotiation, you have to figure out what the other side wants and needs more than you do. By learning negotiation skills, you can apply tools to get to the bottom of what the other side wants so you can smoothen the exchange. 

For example, you can learn how to read intent and ask the right questions to get a full picture of the customer’s interests. Once you get a grasp on your customer’s desired outcome, you can then tailor your solution to match their needs.

As the success of your digital marketing strategies and solutions comes to light, the customer is more likely to appreciate how valuable you are, pay you more, and stick with you.

Final word

Mastering the art of negotiation can help improve your profits, empower you with the right skills and keep your current customers. These benefits can position you to make the right kind of bang in the digital marketing space.