Blue World City Islamabad
Blue World City Islamabad

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The BGC-IGC Consortium’s crowning achievement is the construction of Blue World City, the world’s first metropolis designed specifically with tourists in mind. Both the Blue Group of Companies (BGCs) and the Imperium Group of Companies (IGCs) are the largest and most varied corporate conglomerates in the country, with a presence throughout the globe in North America and the Gulf area. Blue World City Islamabad is going to have some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, including replicas of the Blue Mosque and Burj al Arab hotels, the largest horse mascots in the world, and a huge water park. The Mercury Tower is yet another outstanding component of the whole project.

The construction of the Mercury Towers, which will serve as the centerpiece of the renowned Blue World City complex, is well underway. Realty Square International, which is a well-known developing business, is in charge of the development work for this project and is providing direction and oversight.

Venus Towers

The contemporary architectural masterpiece that is Mercury tower is now in the process of being constructed in the region around important tourist spots. It is in a perfect position and can be reached without any difficulty from the main entrance of 185 Kanal. These skyscrapers have impressively constructed architecture with a front that is comprised of many stories (G+16). The following items are some of the most notable highlights of the project:

  • High-end commercial and residential offerings
  • A vast network of paved roads
  • 208 ft. wide Northern Avenue
  • Easily accessible via M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Equipped with all the necessary utilities and luxurious amenities for a modern lifestyle

Project Details

The construction of these buildings in Blue World City will revolutionize Pakistan’s traditional architecture and the country’s approach to the art of life. Mercury Towers are famous instances of construction that combine a wide variety of uses inside a single tower. They are situated in the most desirable position within Blue World City. The Blue World City in Islamabad is home to a number of architectural wonders, most of which have proven to be quite effective.

The creation of the Mercury Towers will be a wonderful addition to Blue World City since it contains imitations of world-class tourist attractions, and this will make the Mercury Towers a more complete destination. It is a 14-story structure that will provide the locals with the most cost-effective alternatives for business and investment prospects. The project’s developers are dedicated to producing the highest quality work in a timely manner while maintaining a high return on investment potential. Because of this, the construction work at the Blue World City Mercury Towers is moving along at a rapid pace.

Location of Blue World City Mercury Towers

The BWC mercury tower is situated in a particularly advantageous part of the city, one that provides convenient access to the majority of the city’s most recognizable sites. Accessibility-wise, the Mercury Towers are comprised of:

  • Ideally situated on CPEC Route
  • From Rawalpindi Ring Road, the distance is 5 minutes.
  • You have to drive for 5 minutes from M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway.
  • From New Islamabad International Airport, you need to drive for 20-minute.

Blue World City Mercury Towers Feature & Amenities

BWC Mercury Towers will offer the most exceptional and highest facilities and amenities. Here one can get all the luxurious facilities at the doorstep and enjoy an exceptional living standard beyond expectations. The most prominent features and amenities of the Mercury Towers are as follows:

  • Restaurant
  • Grand Lobby
  • 24/7 Power Backup
  • High-Speed Elevators
  • Central Courtyard
  • Prayer Area
  • Resident’ Lounge
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24/7 Security & Surveillance
  • Gymnasium and Food Court
  • Mercury Tower Offerings
  • Residential Apartments
  • Shops
  • Communal Workspace
  • Parking

Leisure Amenities

The BWC mercury tower master plan demonstrates that every floor of the tower will have access to all of the amenities. These projects in the Blue World City and Rudn Enclave are definitely worth investing in due to their premium quality, high-end design, as well as its lush facilities and services. In addition, there is the possibility that the project may deliver a return on investment (ROI) of forty to fifty percent within three to four years.

Wrap Up

The inhabitants at Wrap Up Blue World City Mercury Towers will have access to the finest commercial investment options available, in addition to a comprehensive range of premium facilities and amenities. The construction of these skyscrapers is proceeding at a breakneck speed, and its creators anticipate that they will be finished as quickly as they possibly can.