Car Paint Restoration

Most car owners are keen to preserve their vehicle’s paintwork. However, minor scratches and scuffs easily ruin our cars, making them lose their original color and form. Sometimes, the paint is damaged beyond a typical repair.

With proper car paint restoration services from a certified auto body shop, you can restore much of the damage and keep your vehicle’s paintwork looking good. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this unique service that sets up your car for long-lasting protection.

Causes of Car Paint Damage

Before looking into restoring your vehicle’s paintwork, let’s identify the factors that ruin it.

·     Wear and Tear

You and your passengers might have unintentionally caused paint damage with scratches from keys, fingernails, bags, or rings. It could also be due to pedestrians walking with dogs on a chain or inconsiderate drivers who forcibly open their car doors into yours.

·     Automatic Car Wash

Many automatic car washes have rotating brushes that aren’t always soft, resulting in circles of fine scratches on the vehicle’s body, which shows up in sunlight. This swirling can also happen even when you manually wash your car. Always make sure to use separate buckets for soap and water and different cloths for everything.

·     Environmental Hazards

This issue is a gradual but compounding cause of car paint damage. Parking your vehicle in an unsheltered garage exposes it to ultraviolet light, causing the paintwork to fade. Your car will also get acid spots from bird droppings and tree sap.

How Exterior Paint Restoration Works

Depending on the extent of the damage, the cost of restoring a car’s paint varies. The process starts with thorough prep work to eliminate deeply embedded contaminants from the car’s surface. Pro detailers use iron removers or clay bars to dissolve or lift these impurities. This extra step elevates the paint restoration to create stunning showroom results.

After the prep work, detailers will polish until all the imperfections in the clear coat are removed. Then, they will apply a fresh coat of shine and protection to add the ultimate wow factor!

Benefits of Paint Restoration

·     Restore to Original Colors

A car paint restoration will significantly eliminate many of the problems mentioned above. It will beautifully restore your vehicle’s depth of color and improve the longevity of its paint job.

·     Treat Scratches and Marks

This service will considerably clear most scratches and scuffs on your car’s paint. A technician will apply the polish with a soft brush or applicator to a small area that was rubbed thoroughly. The polish must rest for a few minutes until it becomes transparent. This transition signals that it’s ready to be buffed to clear the scratches on the car.

·     Fresh New Look

The clear coat’s scratches and chips will be gone once your car is polished, making it look brand new again. If the damage is deep, the polish cannot completely fix it. Still, it will undoubtedly improve and make the imperfections less noticeable.

When To Get Paint Restoration

Paint haze, surface scratches, and water spots are the most common damages an exterior restoration can fix. If you’ve noticed any of these begin to form on your vehicle, visit your trusted car repair shop. They will determine whether you need a restoration or only an exterior detail.

Is Your Paintwork Beyond Saving?

Getting a respray will likely be more efficient and cost-effective for paint that has been damaged beyond repair. On top of that, you will enjoy a fresh new paint job.

Traces of grey primer or silver metal at the ruined spot are the easiest way to identify an un-restorable paintwork. Fixing the damage is nearly impossible with the topmost lacquer and paint layers gone.

Yet, in some cases of environmental damage, your car paint might be beyond saving even if the lacquer is still present. This situation, known as lacquer failure, happens when UV rays chemically break it down to the point where white blotchy patches form. No amount of polishing will correct the damage by the time it reaches this stage.

Ready To Give Your Vehicle a Makeover?

Car paint restoration is the key to bringing back that lustrous shine and gleaming finish. Get in touch with your preferred auto body shop today and let their skilled technicians work wonders on your car’s paintwork.

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