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Do’s And Don’ts For Defence Exam


Defence exam is considered the hardest exam by a myriad of aspirants. Well, it seems hard when don’t have an exact knowledge of what you must do and what must not. Sometimes, candidates start following the wrong preparation strategy which makes it toughest for them to grasp anything. That’s why it is extremely crucial to know what can be followed and what cannot while preparing for the defence exam. 

In this article, we have illustrated some do’s and don’ts which will help you avoid the chances of errors during defence exam preparation. Zero errors mean negligible chances of errors which further boosts the chances of success in the exam. However, if you want to get perfect assistance and coaching from a reliable source, look for a trustworthy and authentic coaching platform on

Here are some do’s and don’ts you must consider while preparing for the defence exam: 

This is the most important step which cannot be missed. A strategy will let you know what you have to do every day and that too in a perfect manner. Without a strategy, you may get confused or may be frustrated at times. So, analyze your potential and make a plan that can be followed easily without getting stressed. Some aspirants make a strenuous plan and include a number of strenuous tasks. In the end, they get stressed and cannot follow the strategy. So, be wise and think critically and carefully while making a strategy. 

Remember that every single second is crucial while preparing for the defence exam and must be utilized in the right manner. So, stop wasting your time on unnecessary things and manage your time wisely. Avoid going out to parties if exams are approaching. Moreover, cut off the time you spend on social media platforms and use it for excellent exam preparation. Well, if you need to use your cellphone sometimes, make sure to use it to gain some knowledge. 

Don’t you have enough knowledge of the current happenings in the world? Then how could you pass the current affairs section of the defence exam? Never neglect this section at any cost because it is one of the easiest sections and can boost your overall scores if prepared perfectly. Therefore, watch news channels every day, read newspapers and listen to the radio to get yourself updated with the latest topics. You can also watch weekly current affairs live videos on youtube. If possible, make notes as well while listening or reading the news so that you can go through these points during the revision period. 

A few candidates are in a habit of sticking to the tough questions and they do not move further until they solve it. This consumes a lot of time and they get unable to solve other questions within a time limit. Therefore, if you want to solve maximum questions in less time, ensure to move on if you are unable to solve a question. This will not only save you time but also reduce the stress and chaos while attempting the exam. 

Low confidence is the key factor in why aspirants cannot work to their fullest potential while preparing for the exam. Even if you have the ability to do something, lower confidence will convince you to think that you are not able to do it. There are an ample number of difficult concepts. Students with lower confidence without even grasping those concepts assume that they won’t be able to learn the concepts. Hence, they skip those concepts even though the concepts are important. Therefore, always keep your spirit up and be confident both during the exam preparation journey as well as during the exam. 

Students focus often gets obstructed because of their smartphones. Because of fluctuating focus, their mind constantly thinks of picking up the phone hampering the exam preparation. In fact, they start scrolling through their phones instead of keeping them away. This distraction is the major reason why they can’t understand some paramount topics of the exam. Therefore, it is always recommended to ward off every type of distraction while preparing for the exam if you want to grasp concepts easily and quickly. So, sort out your room and put your phone either on silent or switched off before you start studying for the exam. 

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Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, these are some crucial points you must take of while preparing for the defence exam. Make sure not to follow the don’ts throughout the exam preparation journey, otherwise, it can impact your performance in the exam.

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