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How Dubai has emerged itself from a barren land to best tourist destination?


Evolution is something that changes everything in a new dimension. Around 5000 years ago, the land now called Dubai was covered with sand. Dubai was established in the 18th century as a small village where many people earn their living by fishing. After that, it transformed into a modern state until the 21st century. Oil revenue helped the city to make a good name in the developing state. To cope with the rest of the world, Dubai has made important decisions. It has not only developed in the field of technology, and architecture but now it is known as a tourist destination and many famous wonders of the world.

Following many developments, it has emerged into a beautiful state which has the following features:

  1.  Now Dubai is Home to the world’s largest buildings

When Dubai comes to our mind, we found many famous wonders of the largest buildings. One of the tallest buildings Burj Khalifa is here. Its height is 828 m. This wonder not only makes the tourists surprise but also offers to have a great view of Dubai from height. There are many malls for shopping and entertainment purposes. Dubai mall is one of the biggest malls in Dubai which offers everything to visitors. Moreover, it has different things from flexible prices to high-end ones. Furthermore, the city is a great place for shopping lovers.

The coastal areas welcome tourists from all over the world to explore hidden secrets. Therefore, it has many popular yacht rental companies. One of the best companies is Mala yacht. Book for yacht hire Dubai and get ready to explore Dubai from a different angle. You can choose from a variety of fleets according to your need and requirement.

The yacht offers visitors to have a beautiful view of the landscape and delicious munching flavors of food. Get yourself onboard with your friends or family and see the magic of the sea. The mesmerizing scenes and cool breeze will make the guests fall in love with it.

Have a tour of Dubai luxuriously by hiring a limo rental DubaiIt offers leather seats and a furnished, well-equipped bar for your entertainment. There is a chauffeur at your service so you can’t get in any trouble. He will make sure your satisfaction regarding the journey. Furthermore, the service is very punctual. You can get in the limousine on time and visit Dubai or go to any destination.

There is a beautiful garden which has many colorful flowers. Their arrangement is so perfect. An array of heart-shaped floral arrangement welcomes the guests and offer to take pictures with them. It is open to the public and many people visit the area to see the beauty with the naked eye. It springs the same in every season. It’s one of the largest natural gardens with immense beauty.

Dubai and entertainment are two words that describe the real beauty of Dubai. Many people love adventures and Dubai offers a great variety of adventurous activities. You can experience the dive from around 4000 meters in height. One can have a ride in a hot air balloon and look at an overview of Dubai. Enjoy getting wet in the Wild Wadi Waterpark. There is a lot more than you think.

Dubai Marina is a man-made canal city in Dubai. Furthermore, the beautiful marina has a lot of restaurants and skyline hotels. There is a marina walk in which visitors can have a look at the moving yachts and the surrounding modern architecture. No tour to Dubai is complete until guests plan for the Dubai marina. Moreover, people celebrate many events every day and night at eye-catching places.

Dubai modifies from a desert area with time and a fully developed state came into being. Still, there are many beautiful deserts in the area. One of them is desert safari, you can have a lot of recreational activities there like camel ride, jeep ride, or 4×4 ride. Book a Bedouin tent for a night stay and experience the real feel of dunes. Hence, you can enjoy a great time with your friends in a quiet place.

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