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Newborn babies are a source of joy and wonderment. From the moment they enter the world, they bring immense joy to everyone around them. But, did you know that there are some fascinating facts about newborn babies? From the amazing abilities they have right after birth to their incredible senses, there are some truly interesting facts about babies that you may not have known. Here are 10 interesting facts about newborn babies that you may not have known. From their impressive strength to their ability to recognize voices, these facts will make you appreciate just how amazing these little people are.

Newborn babies are incredibly strong.

Newborn babies are incredibly strong. They can lift their own heads and even lift themselves out of their crib! In fact, newborns are so strong, they are actually considered unsafe to be held if they are being held incorrectly. This can put a lot of strain on the arms and shoulders of the parent, so it is important to know how to correctly hold your newborn baby. Newborns are so strong that they can even break their mothers’ bones if they aren’t held correctly. While newborns are incredibly strong, they are actually very delicate. Newborn babies are generally born with very soft bones. This is why it is important for newborns to be held correctly.

Newborns can recognize voices.

Newborn babies actually have the ability to recognize familiar voices. That amazing ability, coupled with the fact that newborns are very sensitive to noise, is what causes newborns to cry. You may have wondered why your newborn cries when you talk to them and then quickly falls silent when someone else talks to them. It is because they recognize your voice and know that you will comfort them. That is why they cry when someone else tries to talk to them. Their brain simply isn’t sophisticated enough to know that someone else might be able to comfort them.

They get cradle cap.

Newborn babies can get what is known as cradle cap. What is cradle cap you may ask?

Cradle cap is a buildup of dried skin on the scalp. The exact cause of cradle cap is still unknown, but it can usually be treated by gently rubbing a soft brush over the affected area until the skin flakes off. If the cradle cap is left untreated, it can be very stubborn and persistent and can affect the baby’s skin. It is important to treat it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get worse. 

Cradle cap can be common in newborn babies because they spend so much time sleeping in one position. Cradle cap can appear as a yellow or white crusty or scaly patch on the scalp. Cradle cap can be treated by gently rubbing it off with a soft brush or washcloth. Treatment may need to be repeated a few times a week until it goes away.

Babies have a great sense of hearing.

Newborns are incredibly sensitive to noise. This is why they cry so much when they are firstborn. They are very easily distracted by noises. This is because babies possess an amazing ability to hear. Newborns already have a much better sense of hearing than adults do. They can actually hear at about the same level that an average adult can hear. If a newborn baby is crying, it is because they are startled by the noise.

Newborns can even dream.

Newborn babies can actually dream. We know this because they have been observed moving their arms and legs while sleeping. That is thought to be a sign that they are dreaming. This is a really interesting fact about newborn babies, but it is also important for parents to know. It is important to keep the noise level down around them so that they can get as much rest as possible. It is also important to be aware of their movements so that you don’t accidentally roll over or otherwise hurt them while they are sleeping.


As you can see, newborn babies are incredibly fascinating. From their amazing ability to recognize voices to their incredibly strong bodies, they are truly amazing little people. Newborn babies are something that every person should be able to experience. These facts are proof of just how incredible they are.

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