A lot of people make a face when you mention the word flossing. In fact, many folks hate it so much that they would rather tackle a boring, household chore than perform this necessary, daily step in their oral care routine. However, every dental expert would tell you that flossing your teeth is a simple thing to do and offers multiple benefits.

The History Of Floss

Dental floss has been around for 200-plus years and was invented by Levi Spear Parmly, an American dentist. He designed a waxen silk thread for use to dislodge irritating particles that were stuck between the teeth.

These days, dental floss is made mostly of nylon, and you have several cool options for flossing products.

Some people have used floss for purposes other than preventing tooth decay. One of the most fascinating stories comes from a prison inmate who made a getaway rope of floss to escape from the recreation yard in 1994. He reportedly braided 48 strands of mint-flavored, waxed dental floss as thick as a telephone cord. Then, he tied an AA battery to the handmade rope and flung it through a chain-link fence.

Today, dental floss is best used for good oral care.

1. To Get Rid Of Stubborn Plaque

Plaque isn’t pretty; it’s constantly found in every individual’s mouth and develops as a sticky film of bacteria on the teeth. It is formed from leftover tooth particles and saliva, and later, it produces acids from the bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

Brushing your teeth twice daily is an excellent step in proper oral care habits. However, plaque is a sneaky thing and likes to hide in between the teeth, where brushing cannot remove it all. That is why professional dental offices in Chicago highly recommend flossing your teeth. It’s the only product and method that can get rid of stubborn plaque in all of those tight spaces.

2. To Maintain Pink, Healthy Gums

Your teeth are a priority but don’t forget your gums. Both need to be strong and function correctly for a clean mouth. Gingivitis is a condition that features inflammation of the gum tissue and can erupt when you don’t follow a proper oral care routine.

Symptoms can include gums that are red, swollen, and bleeding. Gingivitis occurs when there is plaque buildup below the gum line. Again, dental pros will advise flossing your teeth to help dislodge those leftover food particles.

There are also anti-gingivitis kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes you can use to protect your gums.

3. To Effectively Reduce Tartar Buildup

When you get into a good flossing habit, you are also reducing tartar formation, which happens to just about every person on the planet. The thing about tartar is, it forms from plaque and becomes a hard substance. When you visit the dental hygienist, this professional uses special tools to remove this rough, porous substance.

Tartar can cause receding gums if you don’t attack it often. Flossing is your friend and one of the best weapons for preventing tartar buildup. Also, visit your dentist every six months so that plaque and tartar are held in check.

4. To Reduce the Risk Of Heart Disease

Another benefit to daily flossing is a healthier body, especially when it comes to the heart. Some studies link oral health to heart disease. Endocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart, develops when bacteria enter the bloodstream from the mouth. Research shows that it is the same kind of bacteria found in the teeth and gums that can also damage the inner lining of the heart wall.

Flossing helps reduce the amount of bacteria load in the mouth and from entering the bloodstream.

5. To Keep Cleaner, Fresher Breath

Bad breath is a buzzkill whether you’re a famous athlete, supermodel, or the individual next door. When you floss daily, you end up with fresher breath because it’s removing the food and drink you enjoyed earlier and helping keep a clean mouth.

Bottom Line

Flossing is simple and quick and can be done just about anywhere. Get into the habit; perform this tiny task daily for a healthy, beautiful smile!