Citi Housing Kharian

The well-known and renowned developers of Pakistan have introduced a new housing project, Citi Housing Kharian. It will be a big society for the people of District Gujrat. The developers and owners are creating this society for the people of Pakistan in a modest location with beautiful surroundings to enjoy a marvelous living style. The purpose of writing this article is that we can provide essential information about the location and development update of the Citi Housing Kharian. So, let’s begin with the basic introduction of this mega project.

Citi Housing Kharian Introduction

It is a new project introduced by the well-known and famous “Citi Housing Developers”. The society is developed for the Gujrat District people, particularly those living in Kharian. In the real estate market, this project has prime importance and offers a Gold standard of living in the real sense.

The vision of the Citi Housing Kharian Developers behind establishing this society is that they want to introduce innovative and new opportunities for the Pakistani People. In addition, the developers also want to introduce high-end infrastructure and residential living and facilitate Citi Housing Kharian residents. But as this article focuses on the development status and location of the society, we will discuss those points in detail.

Location of the Society

The Grand Trunk Road, also known as the Main GT Road in the district of Gujrat, connects many cities in Pakistan. It is where the prominent housing development Citi Housing Kharian is situated. The Community is close to the well-known housing development of the NMC Housing Scheme’s “New Metro City Kharian” because of its location on the road.

The location of the Citi Housing Kharian Sarai Alamgir is a significant factor when financing real estate projects. Additionally, the Citi Housing Kharian is in a great position and is reachable from many different parts of Pakistan. Please let us know more about the area so we can help you find it!

The Total Area of the Community

Citi Housing Kharian spans 10,000 to 14,000 Kanal in total. The housing project includes both commercial and residential sections to give Gujrat residents the chance to live out their dreams in these Housing Plots. This enables investors to invest for commercial purposes in these Commercial Plots.

However, Citi Housing Kharian will soon expand its territory, allowing additional interested shareholders to invest in the project.

Nearest Points

A society’s surrounding areas are critical in luring people and investors to its residential and commercial sections. The neighborhood and location can impact the commercial and residential property values in a community. The closest locations from the Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan are listed below. 

  • Grand City Kharian 
  • New Metro City Kharian
  • Bhagwal
  • GT Road
  • Main Kharian City

Development Status of Citi Housing Kharian

The Citi Housing Kharian will eventually expand its development area, which is currently 10,000 to 14,000 Kanal. Modern living standards combine a top-notch architectural idea at City Housing Kharian.

The project’s construction will be completed by the end of this year, according to the administration of the project. The builders of Citi Housing Kharian are renowned in the real estate sector for their capacity to complete projects quickly.

Contrarily, this housing society is a recently constructed, luxurious housing society with the tagline “Gold Standard Living in Pakistan.” It will provide its residents with abundant amenities that meet contemporary quality requirements for tranquility and comfort.

The housing development intends to offer a standard of living that is compatible with the rest of the world. This project has been constructed with many distinctive features and amenities to provide the residents with a high standard of living.

The Citi Housing Kharian Amenities and special facilities are listed below.

  • Mosques
  • Golf Course
  • Zoo
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Wide roads from a different entrance
  • High-standard education facility
  • Recreational lakes and parks
  • Community centers
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers that work 24/7
  • Business Locations
  • Sewerage system
  • Sports complex, spa facility, and gym
  • Water resource
  • Security and surveillance working 24/7
  • Community graveyard
  • Gas facility
  • Uninterrupted electric power supply

Payment Plan Details

Experts planned, designed, and constructed the Citi Housing Kharian master plan to include all the marvelous residential features. Developing residential projects was to provide Kharian with opulent but reasonable investment choices. Because of this, the developers have worked on several other comparable projects.

In every way possible, it is the most alluring project in Pakistan. One of the main qualities that make it the best investment opportunity in Kharian is the flawless combination of architecture, commercial plots, designs, residential plots, grandeur, amazing facilities, prime location, and world-class infrastructure development. These are a few of the strongest justifications for Citi Housing Kharian’s investment.

Citi Housing Kharian Payment plan offers inexpensive payment plans with convenient installment schedules. The available plots in this community are intentionally made affordable so that all types of investors can purchase them. The project’s flexible installment plans allow people with small deposits to participate.

The project will offer an environmentally sustainable, close-to-nature lifestyle with all the modern conveniences. The intimate proximity to nature will offer a singular experience unmatched in Pakistan. An investment is not a live entity that needs daily care once it is finished. The most you will have to do is occasionally check on your land to ensure encroachers don’t take possession of it.

End Note

In the article, we have discussed the location and development status of Citi Housing Kharian. We hope after reading the article, you will be able to know most of the important details about the project. In addition, we hope this article will help you to decide on your investment. Other housing societies are worth your investment. You can also invest in them, such as Zaitoon City Lahore. So, discuss your investment options with the best realtors.