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Anthargange Night Trek


About 70 kilometres (43 miles) from Bangalore, Anthargange Trek and Camping is located in the Shatha Shrunga range in the Kolar district of Karnataka. The mountains, which rise to a height of 1712 metres (5616 feet) above sea level, as well as the nearby little caves and lush plantations, make for the ideal getaways for fans of cave exploring, rock climbing, and trekking.

The good road network that the Karnataka state board provides for its visitors can be used to get to Anthargange. From adjacent cities like Bangalore, Tirupati, Chennai, etc., you can hire a taxi to get you there. Sadly, there are no bus routes that go to the desired location. However, a self-driven car, motorcycle, or cab is the ideal method to get to Anthargange Camping because of the stunning and fantastic road network provided by the State Board.

Where is Anthargange ?

Anthargange’s major town is 3 kilometres (miles) from Kolar, the closest railway station. This has excellent train connections to the majority of the main Indian cities, including Bangalore, Tirupati, Chennai, Pune, and Mumbai. As an alternative, you can drive yourself or hire a cab to get to Anthargange from Bangalore’s broad gauge railway station, which is 70 kilometres (43 miles) away. It will take you about an hour to get there.

When the monsoon begins to fade and the cold sets in, October through March is the ideal time for Anthargange hiking. Visitors may find the walk uncomfortable in the summer because it is so hot and muggy. In Anthargange, the monsoons are beautiful and ideal for exploring caves.

The everlasting spring that emerges from the middle of the mountains and pours through the rocks is known as Anthargange. In Kannada, the name literally translates to “Inner Stream” or “Ganges from the deep.” This stream’s origin is still a mystery. The Kashi Vishweshwara Temple, which draws worshippers as well, is located in Anthargange.

If you have an adventurous spirit when visiting Bangalore, Anthargange Trek has become a favourite activity.

Anthargange trekking is not just about climbing rocks; it also involves traversing through dense forests, going into caves, passing through lush plantations, and eventually reaching the peaks. If you love trekking and adventure, you will love the rocky mountains, lush plantations, and dense forests of Anthargange. The Anthargange Trek is unquestionably an experience of a lifetime!


Karnataka’s Anthargange Trek is become a popular tourist destination. You’ll go from Bangalore to Anthargange. You will next be directed in the direction of the Anthargange Trek base camp. Even though the walk is only 3 KM (1 mile) long, there are several obstacles you must overcome. Here are some of the locations you might visit when trekking the Anthargange trail.

All it takes to get to this historic temple close to the base during the first part of the Anthargange hike are 350 stairs. The pond inside the grounds of the Kashi Vishweshwara temple gave Anthargange its name. Nobody is really certain of the source of the pond’s water.

So, according to the natives, the “Ganges from Deep” or Anthargange are where the pond obtains its water. The shrine is surrounded by beautiful scenery and rich vegetation.

This unusual and stunning temple may be found after travelling for around 4 KM (2 miles), through lush woodlands, with hundreds of butterflies flying all about. The name “Kotilingeshwara Temple” comes from the fact that it has more than ten million (Koti) Shiva Lingas and is located in the Kammasandra hamlet. The temple has another exceptional record. On the grounds of the temple, there is a 108-foot-tall gigantic Shivalinga that you can see. The world’s tallest Shivalinga is this one. Standing Nandi statue is seated next to Lord Shiva.

In terms of difficulty ratings, the Anthargange trekking route from the Kotilingeshwara temple to the Anthargange caves can be categorised as intermediate. You could have to climb up the boulders and rocks in certain spots, while in other locations there might be a tight passage. You would walk through thick woodlands and through several picturesque streams.

You will arrive at the mysterious caves after several hours of trekking through Anthargange. Anthargange’s caves are constructed of large and small rocks that have been placed in unusual ways. You would always be surprised by these rocks. You would have to crawl into some of the caverns due to their extremely tiny passageways. Once you enter these prehistoric caves, your hiking experience goes up a notch.


The Anthargange hike is particularly popular for its nighttime cave discoveries. The final adventure begins after you have marvelled at and explored the twisted caverns of Anthargange caves. As the rocks increase steeper, the route will provide numerous difficulties. However, you’ll arrive at Anthargange Peak in a flash. As soon as you reach the top, immediately take your camera out and take some panoramic pictures of Anthargange and the surrounding areas.

You will fall in love with the daring pastime of anthargange camping at the summit. Set up camp for the night if you have the time. If not, you might retrace your steps after a brief respite.

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