Bach Flower Remedies
Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies: A Solution to Emotional Well-Being

The authenticity of Bach Flower Remedies makes it a safe and natural method of treating any problem discovered by Dr. Bach in the early 1930s in England. Edward Bach was a respected physician, researcher, and homeopath who sought alternative therapies for the emotional and mental part of an individual through Bach remedies.

What are Bach Flower remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies are alternative or complementary natural remedies that help with emotional balance and pain. According to homeopathy, our body can heal on its own. In terms of the natural approach, it aims to build up the body itself by mobilizing its defensive forces. Therefore, the idea behind Bach flower remedies is similar to homeopathy. Though fewer materials are used and they do not work directly on physical but eliminate the negative emotional symptoms.

This system contains 38 treatments, each dealing with specific negative emotions. All these are grouped into seven general psychological causes of illness, such like –

·        Fear

·        Loneliness

·        Lack of interest in current circumstances

·        Uncertainty

·        Hypersensitivity to influence and idea

·        Sadness or despair

How are these remedies made?

The remedies are made of irrigated flowers of wild plants and can be made in two different ways, these are –

Dr. Bach’s method of making these remedies is by keeping certain plants soaked in water amid sunlight. This method involves floating the flower in clear water for 3 hours in direct sunlight.

For other treatments – basically for plants with more wood that bloom when the sun is weak, create the boiling method by which the flowering plants are boiled for half an hour in clean water.

In both cases, heating water transfers the energy of the flower into the water which is then filtered and an equal amount of brandy is added to it as a preservative. It creates the mother tincture and then further diluted in a ratio of two drops to every 30 ml and added to the commercial bottles.

Who can use it?

According to the Bach experts, the Bach Flower Remedies can be used by any living being. It includes babies, nursing mothers, pregnant ladies, people about to have surgery, and the elderly, and is suitable for plants and animals.

How do we choose the right one?

Choose a Bach Flower Remedy depending on the emotional issue at the root of your problem. You can choose one or mix up to 7 different remedies. The combination of up to 7 flower remedies provides the best results when you must deal with an emotionally demanding period.

What is the right way to use them?

Flower pots are found in liquid form in dropper bottles. One can place the drops directly on the tongue or dissolve them in a glass of water. You can add remedies to any beverage of your choice like tea, coffee, orange juice, etc.

Do they offer emotional well-being?

Bach Flower Remedies are used for many situations like anxiety, depression, stress, emotional, and physical trauma, but are serious illnesses. Existing research does not support these claims. But the results are mixed with the question of whether it helps in mental balance. They seem to help people feel better, but it is not clear that the result comes with placebo effects.

Possible side effects –

Studies show that Bach flower remedies are safe for everyday use. Some also have a small amount of alcohol, so check the label if you want to avoid it.

Wrapping up here –

In Innate Intelligence, we created each flower remedy to utilize nature’s natural medicine and healing properties to address emotional imbalances. It complements our tea blends which address physical imbalances too. Implementing both practices will let you heal and be supported on both the emotional and physical levels of your inner wellness.

Like Dr. Bach, we also believe in a holistic approach to our inner wellness, less is always more when it comes to planting medicine and listening to our intuition and our body to be proactive about our health. We are certified Bach Flower Remedy practitioners, to intuitively design each remedy for a variety of emotional imbalances to complement our range of loose-leaf tea blends and harmonize the body, mind, and soul.

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