Foamex Sheet
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Foamex is 100% weatherproof and is a sturdy waterproof board. The material that is suitable for outdoor use, is strong enough to stand up to extremes in temperature and weather that can be a result of severe storms, heavy rains as well as snow and dryness.

It is one of the most straightforward materials to use and it can be cut, sawn, drilled, or molded using heating to produce the optimal result in a very short period of time. It is extremely lightweight relative to other materials such as wood or glass and can be easily set up on any flat surface.

The Foamex sheet works well using two-sided Velcro. It will stay in place when secured to both Foamex and the wall on the wall it is to be put.

It’s simple to set up and it doesn’t need any particular tools. A basic drill at home is all you need to finish the setup. Screws or nails suffice to attach to most surfaces.

What Exactly Is Foamex Board?

Foamex is a part of the family of plastics. To resolve the problem with its composition, it consists of PVC. It was first create by a company in Switzerland by a firm call 3A Composites, that is locate in a small town between Lucerne in the city of Lucerne and Zurich It was a licence by them for more than 30 years.

You are able to choose Foamex for printing your next piece of work. If you’re seeking an option that can offer a reasonable price, weatherproof, flexible sizing and long-lasting, consider Foamex as your best option material.

You’ll be amaze with the quality of the prints that you receive and also the amazing things that professionally create Foamex signage will bring to your business.

Waterproof Board For Exterior Use

If you’re looking for an outdoor waterproof board that’s suitable to be used throughout the UK and UK in the UK and United Kingdom, you can’t avoid these Foamex boards.

With a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, Foamex print is an affordable option to conventional signs such as aluminium and plywood.

There are plenty of hanging options available with this durable and lightweight product. It’s perfect for those who require a rapid turnaround. Outdoor signage made from sheets that are waterproof appears to be top quality when you print it with the next day Foamex printer.

Additionally, it has a class 1 fire rating and is by applying an anti-static coating to guard dirt and dust from the environment. Foamex is the preferred material preferred by digital printers because of the fine structure of its cells, which makes it simple to create signs like

  •         POP Displays along with advertisements
  •         Display Panels
  •         Indoor Signs
  •         Advertising Boards.
  •         Backdrop Displays.
  •         Stage Skirts.
  •         Museum Displays

To create business-related signage this outdoor, waterproof board is an excellent material. It is able to print high-quality photos directly onto 3-millimetre print Foamex making signs with great impact to the eyes. They can be utilize indoors and outdoors.

Many Benefits Of Waterproof Boards

In addition to enduring lots of stress and use they also shield against water damage.

The colours of your signage last longer than they fade or wear off. Likewise, your message will remain in the minds of your target audience for an extended period of time, which leads to an increase in the effectiveness of your advertising.

This Expands Your Reach To A Wider Market

A lot of businesses and brands are concern about the long-term durability of their signage in all weather conditions, which is why they prefer to place their signs in areas that are protect. There are many locations to draw people’s attention such as bars and bars, subway stations, and other buildings that are pack such as gyms and libraries.

However, restricting yourself to the confines of these areas can mean you’re not able to connect with the general public. Aside from the ability to maintain its shape and design, the long-lasting, waterproof board is distinct because it is not subject to competitors like other posters and advertising that are typically display outdoors or in enclose spaces.

Wedding Selfie Frame
Image Sources: Foamex Printing Company, UK

Draws the Attention of Passing Motorists 

Outside of your home or office, a Personalised selfie frame is a great way to reach an even wider audience, as well as their effectiveness in reaching the audience you want to reach directly outside of your company.

Outside of your business or at your location it is possible to attract attention to your customers at a critical point to promote your company with attractive promotions and messages.

Easy To Maintain And Clean

In addition to being weatherproof and water-proof, they can be extremely effective in overcoming any strain or wear. For instance, if you’ve got signs in your cafeteria or kitchen, the oils and moisture will likely come into contact with them. This may cause them to appear filthy and worn.

If you opt to use the boards with waterproof coating,, you don’t have to be concerned over getting rid of particles and dust that can build up on the signage. Outdoor signage is also more durable because of the use of light and water-resistant inks, as well and being coat with a lamination is available to choose from.

Make your designs using glossy laminate or matte material which provides your signage with additional protection that will ensure you get a long-lasting impact.

It’s that simple: Foamex waterproof board, because of its water-resistant characteristics, is the ideal material for signs that will provide you with quality and value-for-money performance.

10mm Foamex
Image Sources: Foamex Printing Company, UK

What Makes 10mm Foamex Ideal For Hoardings?

We know that PVC Foam sheets are call 10mm Foamex. A few people mistakenly mix them with the more spongy sheet often refer to as Foam core, but aren’t aware that there’s a distinct difference between the two types of products.

Foam core is a great material to use for general purposes, such as trying to hang photos; however, when it comes to hoardings that have real-world implications, Foamex hoarding is where the real grit will be.

To get a deep understanding, we must first say that even though it does contain the word foam Do not be fool by it. When you study the structure of the similarities, you will realise that it does not have anything to do with foam.

The most similar thing you can see with any substance could be a sheet of plastic that is solid. When you look at how the actual material is off, you’ll see that it’s extremely dense and has a remarkably smooth high-end, premium finish.

An Increase in the Audience

There’s a lot of debate about how important it is to advertise the intended audience. Hoardings can help you expand the reach of your targeted audience without much effort.

It’s true that regardless of the age, gender, or race you’re trying to reach, anyone who is expose to your ads will be expose to your advertisement.

This is an advantage as companies typically focus their advertising on those whom they believe are most likely to buy their product, and they do not realise that there could be a possible application of your product for other people that they’ve never thought of before.

Most often the three different thicknesses that are well-known with 3mm being 5 millimetres 10, 10 millimetres, and. In actuality sheets of 5mm and 3mm are extremely light in characteristics, however, 10-mm Foamex can be very heavy, which is why it’s a sturdy and long-lasting material that can be use to construct hoardings.

In terms of sheets that are thicker than 10 millimetres which are sturdy and yet very agile too, and you can remove them, or even make them into different shapes to create the sort that you want for your hoarding.

You can also decide to cut the edges, if necessary.


If you’re looking for the proper material to make a social media selfie frame from, you’ll see its Foamex hoardings that we create are specifically designed to aid in printing images with high-resolution. They also have the capacity to contain text that pops out.

Despite their toughness and the thickness, 10mm Foamex sheets are really light and offer the homogeneous surface that is require to provide the attractive designs feasible.