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Butterfly Braids

Braids have a history that spans 3500 BCE, or approximately 5500 years! However, the braid fad did not take off till the 1900s. Since then, the defensive hairstyle has experienced a series of ups and downs. It would certainly take an entire page to catalog and analyze all of the braiding styles that have ever existed. That’s not a flawed concept, but for the time being, it will adhere to one of the most popular braiding patterns of all time: butterfly braids.

Butterfly braids are made by combining two braids into one giant, fluffy braid. The following is a step-by-step guide to decorating basic butterfly braids.

What Exactly Are Butterfly Braids?

At the back of your head, a butterfly braid unites two strands from either side of your head into one braid. It is a simple yet charming feed-in braid. The feed-in technique is used to give this hairstyle its distinctive butterfly appearance. For the braiding hair extensions to have the proper volume and length, they must be used. You might not believe it, but you do need them.

Ideas for butterfly braids hairstyles

Braids in a Butterfly Box

Blend butterfly knotted braids with soft hackle box braids to suggest your traditional butterfly braids. Unlike conventional box braids with an anchored knot, it doesn’t place any tension on your scalp and offers a flawless finish. Get brown or cocoa highlights to up the oomph factor. This comfortable braiding method is an excellent alternative for anyone receiving braided for the very first time. It is ideal for significant events such as prom and wedding receptions.

Knotless Butterfly Braids

It’s a stunning take on the classic passion twists that African-American women have already been flaunting for years, and it’s also called passion braids. Knotless butterfly braids generally last 3-5 weeks, offering them a good alternative for everyone who wants butterfly braids and does not want to devote to them entirely. By wrapping artificial hairpieces over your butterfly braided hair, you can effortlessly achieve this hairstyle.

Locs for butterfly braids

This stylish bohemian hairstyle combines the most remarkable aspects of passionate twists and goddess locs. It’s a little sloppy but in a good way. Butterfly locs are perfect for natural hair that is long and wavy. Butterfly locs distinctive rings can be accomplished by incorporating faux locs (like FreeTress Pressure Wave) into the braid. Though there are various techniques to achieve butterfly locs, the crocheted approach is the most straightforward.

Corner Butterfly Braid Ponytail

There’s no way to go incorrectly with an elegant side-part butterfly ponytail. Don’t be fooled by its sophisticated design. It is not that tough to achieve the desired aesthetic. Adding some closed-loop control braids is the best way of making the ponytail look thick and fluff. Adorn the ponytail with lovely jewel hair accessories on both sides to keep adding flair.

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Updo with Butterfly Braids

My favorite accessories to wear with butterfly braids are gold beads. Butterfly braids precisely arranged on the center of the skull and decorated with gold beads appear enchanting. This elegant updo is suitable for graduation, weddings, concerts, and a casual everyday look. It is super simple to produce and requires almost no care.

Butterfly Locs with a Double Bun

Then take a look at these eye-catching double bun butterfly locs stunning red carpet-worthy hairstyles for texturized hair. Bend your butterfly locs into 2 high buns across from your head, giving the remainder of the locks flowing behind you for a half-up, half-down style. If you’re wearing a bun, contain 2 or even more front locks out of everything.

Butterfly Braids in Jumbo Size

It is a gorgeous hairstyle for brides and bridesmaids who do not want to spend many hours preparing their hair and still want to look like millions of dollars. Jumbo butterfly braids are a modern twist on traditional passion braids. Begin by creating two gigantic braids on either side of the head, then join the two in the center of the head to produce a V shape. Add elegant pearl hair pendants or metal cuffs to the stunning braids to finish the appearance.

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