cornrow ponytail hairstyles

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Cornrow Ponytail

Ponytails are a perpetually flexible hair idea: You may pull your hair up into one effortlessly on a warm summer day, or you could enjoy your life styling a beautiful and elegant ponytail for a specific event. Don’t believe that if you put your hair in braids, whether gigantic braids that hang beneath your waistline or narrower cornrow styles, but can’t manage a ponytail, too, braided ponytails have already been noticed on design catwalk, red carpet events, and the streets from both great and small cities. Braided ponytails are a great simple option that can last up to 2 weeks without interfering with your everyday routines or exercises.

If you have healthy hair, choose a patterned braid with holding strength, such as a high ponytail. Please make use of your elasticity and experiment with cornrows, feed-in braids, or even refresh your box braids by fastening them into a top knot for wavy hair up to type 4. If you want a more dramatic look, use three gigantic braids instead of one, then adorn your ponytail using headbands, pearls, or gold string. There are numerous ways to wear a braided cornrow ponytail, and we’ve compiled a list of a few dozen of faves to get you started.

How to Wear a Ponytail with Cornrows?

You can still get a ponytail like this even if you wear weaves. Professional braiders are experts at utilizing the weave to create your desired design. It will be pretty easy once the weave is in place. Put your hands on the weave’s roots. To avoid pulling it off, you should treat it with the most significant amount of gentleness. Choose the location of the cornrow and divide that area.

Cornrow ponytail hairstyles

Cornrows are amongst the safest and medium hairstyles you can try, whether your hair is straight or loosened. They are placed near the hairline and can take on a range of shapes based on the aesthetic you want to achieve. Some people believe cornrows are only appropriate for informal settings, but we’re here to prove them wrong with hairstyles that demonstrate how to wear them for every event.

Cornrows with pigtails

If you desire an athletic appearance that is also attractive, you should experiment with pigtail cornrows. Your hair would be out of the face, but it would also accentuate and emphasize your characteristics. To compliment your more oversized cornrows, you can add small braids at the side of the part for a more detailed look.

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Cornrows with Beads

Cornrows are native to Africa, yet they have historically been adorned with beads and shells. Festooning your cornrows shows the world that you’re connected to your origins and appreciative of it. If the look isn’t eye-catching sufficient, you can always shape it into an updo or go bold with your eye makeup as Alicia Keys did in the early 2000s.

Elegance in simplicity

Sure, cornrows can create various creative designs, but those simple plaits must not be overlooked. Add a few having a large amount (and fake hair if desired), and you’ll be the star of the show. The simple style goes well with fresh and robust beauty looks, so you’ll have plenty of options.

Crown with a Half Cornrow

Remember how trendy it was in the 1990s and early 2000s to cornrow the front of your hairstyle and ignore the rest out in spiral curls? The trend is returning, but you should let your natural hair do its own this time. Instead of tucking your braids after linking them to form a crown, leave them out for a striking contrast.

Ponytail in Blonde

They claim blondes have a little more pleasure. However, that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with your hair over your face. Merely cornrow a few inches in front of your head and braid the other out like ordinary box braids so your hair can be swept back instantly. Understand that the higher the ponytail, the much more eye-catching it will be.

Fauxhawk with Sunflowers

On a warm day, a fauxhawk is a daring casual hairstyle that adds height and volume while keeping hair off the neck. Placing massive sunflower decorations in summer adds an attractive different season’s touch.

Braid half-cornrow half box

Can’t decide between such a cornrow and a box braid? You may easily mix the two and make eye-catching braid designs while you’re doing it. You might try a six-pointed snowflake form for a festive wintery look.

Blue bun

A hairstyle is an elegant hairdo that looks well with cornrows. Most people will go for a low-key bun, but if you genuinely want to stand out, braid one’s hair into an ornate ponytail. And if you prefer the color blue, this style is charming.

Space Buns (Half-Up)

A beautiful set of ½ space buns could be just what you require if you want a look that’s both regal and practical. The front half of your hair should be perfectly cornrowed to maintain lifespan, while the braids at the rear should be left free. Add some artistic borders or decorative pendants, and brace yourself for a slew of praises.

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