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Norway is a country that is situated on the continent of Europe and it is the capital of Oslo. In Norway, there are many mountains, glaciers and deep coastal areas. Norway is home to a number of popular tourist attractions, including the Akershus fortress. Norway is a big country it has a population of fifty-five lakhs and it has an area of three lakhs eighty-five thousand two hundred and fifty-two square kilometres in Norway there are many places to explore hiking in forests, lakes, museums, and around the city and the lakes, mountains, glacier and tourism destinations make this city beautiful. this is known for fishing, hiking, and skiing.  It is a fabulous place to visit the famous Places In Norway this vacation and we suggest you book your flight tickets for Qantas airway’s reservation as the best deals and offers are available for more information click the link.

10 Famous places in Norway

1. Sognefjord: Norway’s Largest Fjord

This is the biggest and deep fjord and this is situated in the best Norway of Westland it is spread over 205 kilometres inland from the sea to the small village of Scholten in lustre municipality and you can see their amazing nature and the beauty of the villages it is worth to go there and is located 45 miles (72km) north of bergen and its length is started from the offshore island of outer Sula in the north sea to skjolden.

2. Frogner park

This Frogner park is situated in the west and boro this is a public park in Oslo Norway and this basic part of the manor and this a beautiful place to visit and this is spread over 110 acres this is the biggest park in the city and the sculpture installation is the world’s largest sculpture park created by a single artist. And in this best architecture park in this, u can explore statues made by the best architects.

3. Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

Preikstolen or pulpit rock is a stunning natural formation located in Norway. It’s a popular tourist destination due to its majestic beauty and spectacular views of the surrounding landscape it is a steel cliff which is 604 metres (1982ft) and it is located near the western part of the fjord and on its north side is formed tem thousand year ago this is Norway’s most beautiful natural attraction and you can see most amazing dramatic scenes from the top of pulpit rock.

4. Lofoten and Nordland

It is an archipelago or a traditional district in the country of Norway it has beautiful mountains and incredible peeks and open sea or sheltered bays, and glittering beaches and fishing villages we can also say that this is also the part of Norway’s beauty tourism destination and this is spread in 1227 km (472 square miles) there is also we can do marvellous things biking skiing and hiking its known for dramatic view, with peaks. and nearby loft Viking museum features a Viking longhouse reconstruction

5. Kristiansand and Southern Norway

Southern Norway is with incredible beaches, and more than a thousand islands and there we can see beautiful crystal towns where we can roam and can spend time fun time on beautiful beaches and go to festivals we can enjoy and Kristiansand is the biggest city in southern Norway where we can see posebyen old towns and we can go to an amusement park and dyreparken zoo.

6. Voringsfossen

This is the most famous waterfall in Norway. We can see in the magdalen valley water glistening from the height of 182 metres from hardangervidda and voringfossen crosses the valley. And it’s a  visible hike through wild landscape and it is the most visited waterfall in Norway and water comes from a mountain from a height of 600 feet and it is surrounded by green forest and jagged limestone

 7. Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen is spread over an area of 3,500 square kilometres (1,400sq mi) located in southern Norway and this long part is known as the Scandinavian mountains. And in the Jotunheimen mountains of Norway there 29 highest mountains are located and in this also a 2,469metre (8,100ft) tall mountain called galdhopiggen highest point of Norway Jotunheimen mountain spread on the border of England and Westland counties.


Lillehammer is one of Norway’s best-known tourist destinations in summer .and Lillehammer is located in the traditional district of gudbrandsdal and in Lillehammer many attractive places like mahaugen park, an open-air museum consisting of over 100 historic buildings and 18th-century farmhouse when snow flies in Lillehammer shines more as always we can do endless activities in winter like skating, curling, sleigh rides etc.

9. Rock Art in Alta

Alta is the country of Finnmark located in the municipality of Alta in northern Norway. When the first carving was found in 1973 that 6000 carvings were found on the different sites of Alta. at jiepmaluokta at the largest locality a distance of 5km, there are thousands of carvings so that individual carvings turned into an open-air museum which really worth seeing and worth to destination. that’s the best place to view dramatic scenery and for fresh air and we can see the amazing view.

10. Drammen

It is located west of Oslofjord drummer and is one of the best places for tourism. This Norway place offers skiing, thrilling adventure, biking, etc. This city is located on the shore of river pristine Drammenselva and is famous for salmon fishing this is a hub of shopping, bars, restaurants, and cafes there are many things to explore this is worth going there on a holiday best place to vacation drummer is the largest city in Norway. this city’s centre is at the end of the valley, on both sides of the drummer fjords river there are many attractive places Aass brewery, over a sand bridge, the drummer’s museum, and the drummer theatre.

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