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Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Saira Farman

The top chat applications for Android and iOS make it simple to communicate with our family or friends by enabling instant text, video, and audio file sending. Users of instant messaging software can make video calls and send group messages whenever and wherever they like.

While WhatsApp continues to be the most widely used messaging service, other major chat services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Discord, and Telegram are all readily available on Android or iOS app stores for no cost.

The first question that comes to many business owners’ minds while hiring a mobile app development company is the app development cost. 

The blog has mentioned the top 5 factors that affect the overall cost of an on-demand instant messaging app development. 

Top 5 Factors Affecting the Cost of an On-Demand Instant Messaging App

  • App Complexity

The first factor affecting the cost of an on-demand instant messaging app is the complexity of features. The more complex (or advanced) features you integrate into your app, the more money you will need to spend. However, it will be worth the investment because an app with advanced features will deliver an excellent user experience. 

The complexity of the app can be in any form, such as app design, third-party integrations, more advanced features, and more. On average, the estimated cost of an instant messaging app can be over $75,000. 

  • UI/UX App Design

If you want to keep your users engaged with your app for a longer time, you must create an aesthetically pleasing (yet interactive) app design. An instant messaging app with an interactive user interface and seamless transitions will deliver a smooth user experience. 

Additionally, you can add engaging images and videos with a flexible user flow. 

The average cost of designing an app will be more than $30,000. The more money you spend on app designing, the better profit you will receive, as it will boost the user experience. 

  • App Security

Maintaining the app’s security is mandatory as users will share their information, like address, phone number, or credit/debit card details. 

The app’s security will help keep the user’s information safe from unauthorized access. Therefore, as a business owner, you must spend money on maintaining the app’s security to eliminate the risk of data theft. 

Many mobile app development companies also favor signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that will ensure the confidentiality of the shared information. The average cost of app security is more than $50,000; also, the price of app security is based on the app size.    

  • Developer’s Cost

Another important factor affecting the cost of building an instant messaging app is the developer you will hire. The app development cost is highly dependent on years of experience and expertise. 

If you are considering hiring an app development company to develop an instant messaging app for your business for the iOS platform, it will cost you more than $50,000. Besides that, hourly-based is another cost-affecting factor in an app development procedure. 

  • Maintenance 

If you want to retain your targeted audience to your app for a longer time, you must provide app maintenance services. Post-delivery app maintenance will help in keeping your app updated with the latest features or the app version. 

The average app maintenance cost is between 20-25% based on the app development process. In other words, if the overall app development cost is lower, the maintenance cost will also be lower, and vice-versa. 


The bottom line is that the app development cost is not definite. It depends on various factors, like the app design, complexity, security, post-delivery maintenance, etc. If you want to deliver a smooth user experience and reap huge profits for your business, you should consider spending a good amount of money. 
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