How to Draw Sailor Moon

How to Draw Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon started as a manga in 1991 and has since been adapted to anime, movies, and other forms of media. It’s also one of the most popular series in the world, and many fans love to follow the adventures of Sailor Moon and her friends! If you are one of these fans and want to learn to attract Sailor Moon to show your love for this character, read the rest!

Drawing a character like this can be a challenge, but we try to make sure it’s much easier to do! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing Sailor Moon

Step 1:

One of this character’s most exclusive visual aspects is her interesting hairstyle, and that’s what we’re going to start with in this guide on how to draw Sailor Moon! First, start with a rounded shape on the left side of the place where your head will be for the first bread on your hair.

Then, using the reference image, we will outline your hair above his head. You can then add another round roll in the upper right corner. Each hair bun has a long fluid part coming, and they form an essential part of their drawing. You can draw long curved lines that go down from the bun on the left for a moment and add curly lines at the bottom to the whirlwind there.

Step 2:

Now that you started your hair, we can start your face with your Sailor Moon drawing. Looking at his face, one of the first things you may notice is that her eyes are tall and round, taking much of his face. Your students are also quite large in your eyes, with additional eyelashes above them.

We will also add the second wick of hair that flows from the other bread, but be sure to leave a gap where your arm will go a little. Then you can draw a small rounded shape to the open mouth and end with the outline and some points for your freckles. We will also pull his neck; after doing so, you can go to step 3!

Step 3:

In this third stage of our guide on how to draw Sailor Moon, we will add his arms and back. First, you can draw your square handkerchief by turning the base of your neck. Then we can add arms from him. The part of your clothes from which your shoulders extend is quite rounded, so your arms will be thin and angled. Finally, you can use more rounded lines to the back and size.

Step 4:

You can start drawing your skirt and leg in this part of your Sailor Moon drawing! First, pull a large loop behind the back to the group it brings to its size. Then you can draw your skirt, leaving it. Your skirt is separated into different sections that you can draw with curved angular lines that connect. Then you can draw the first of his legs, which will be tall and doubled. You can draw this leg with rounded lines, and there will be a very large gap in this leg where the second will be soon.

Step 5:

How to Draw Sailor Moon

Now it’s time to finish the drawing at this stage of our guide on how to draw Sailor Moon before adding colors in the last step. In this part, we will focus mainly on adding your second step, and, unlike the first, this leg will be extended directly. It will also fill the space you left in the previous step and lead to the great boot it carries.

After adding this leg and some final details, you will be ready to go to the guide coloring part! You can also add the details you may like to this drawing. You can draw a background to show your favorite moment of Sailor Moon! What other ideas can you think about finishing the drawing?

Step 6:

How to Draw Sailor Moon

This last step in your Sailor Moon drawing is to end with colors! It has a distinct color palette, including yellow for hair and white, blue, and red for the uniform. These are the colors we use in our reference image, and you can use them as a guide to your image.

You can change the colors a little and have fun playing with your favorite means and art tools. We can barely wait to see how you complete this impressive photo of Sailor Moon!

Make your Sailor Moon drawing even better!

Make this character emblematic even easier to draw with these tips for your Sailor Moon sketch! The Sailor Moon drawing we created in this guide is in a very dynamic pose. It sounds cool, but it can also make the drawing much harder. Describing this dynamic movement can be quite delicate. Consider drawing it in a more relaxed pose. It would make it much easier to understand this character. After drawing it in an easier installation, you can try to draw this more dynamic installation with the skills you have acquired along the way. This second tip for your Sailor Moon drawing follows the previous one. If you represent other poses, you may want to look for some photos of Sailor Moon.

These images would help you draw it in different poses and angles. Even though these photos are not the same as our image example, they can always help with the best proportions and details. Using alternative sources would also allow you to make different variations about this same character for the final celebration of Sailor Moon! You can even use certain interpretations to draw it in different art styles in which it was represented. Nevertheless, you can use real people to make your sketch of sailor Moon a lot.

For example, you can ask a family friend or member to make a posted poster than our image. Seeing a real human being doing this pose can facilitate drawing. It will also be a useful tip if you want to draw it in other poses. You can also find photos of people who reach poses online to use. No matter how you do this, you can make a quick and approximate sketch of the poses to provide something basic to work with before adding more delicate details.

Your sailor moon drawing is complete!

We hope you had fun recreating this classic character in this guide on how to draw Sailor Moon! She is a very detailed character, and it can make her intimidating to try to draw it. That’s why we want to make things much easier and more fun, dividing them into steps for you.

Now you can take control and show us how creative you can be in your details, such as a background or creative color options and art media. When you are ready to learn more, we have tons of amazing guides so that you can enjoy them on our site! These guides cover many subjects, and we update the list constantly. We hope to see your Sailor Moon drawing when you’re done, so share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!