Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Saira Farman

If you have ever spent hours pouring over sales leads but have zero prospects to show for it, you know that converting a cold lead into a warm one is not easy. However, consider using SMS marketing since it can greatly help. Just by sending a text message with an informative, personalized content offer and then following up, you could be more than doubling your conversion rate. Here are some tips on how you can use SMS marketing to convert cold leads to warm leads.

Know Your Customers

Before you send out your first text message, do a little research on your audience. There is nothing worse than making assumptions about what people want to hear from you. You can use lead generation software to determine the type of products or services likely to interest each customer and craft an offer based on that information. While it may sound rudimentary, it is often overlooked when it comes to SMS marketing. It is important to think of it as an opportunity to stay on top of the potential for lead generation and learn about your audience. Furthermore, a lot of time and money is spent on marketing, but very little is spent on connecting with the people who are most likely to buy. The key to getting them to pick up their phone and respond to your message is authenticity.

Send Automated Text Messages

While a message should be written and delivered to your target audience concisely, it also needs to be done with purpose. Sending automated text messages can help you build engagement with your customers. Additionally, sending an automated text message to someone does not require the same level of engagement that responding to a live customer service inquiry does. You can use an automated texting service to send text messages at specific times of the day or week. For example, you might send an automated message before launching your product or soliciting feedback. In addition to being effective, sending automated messages can also be inexpensive and free up your time if you are trying to increase sales.

Keep Your Message Short

If you want to keep your lead’s attention, it is important that you keep your messages short and to the point. If you try cramming too much information into a single message, you will only turn people off. Keep your message around 100 characters so it can be easily read on the small screen of a mobile device.

Send SMS Messages During Peak Hours

Send your SMS message at a time when people are most likely to be looking for information. Not only is it a great time to send the message, but it is also the perfect time to get more responses because people have fewer things on their minds that prevent them from responding. Additionally, people are most likely to respond to text messages during morning or evening rush hours.

Include a CTA

You should always include a call-to-action (CTA) in your text messages. If you do not, then you are just wasting time and money on sending out empty messages that go unanswered. Your CTA should be short and direct. The last thing you want is to convince someone to continue the conversation through more text messages. If your customer agrees and responds, then that is the time for that part of the process. You can also use link-bait messages that include optimized links for mobile phones and make cold leads feel as if they are being notified of something at a certain time.

Show Them Your Value

To convert cold leads into customers, you need to show them your value. The way that you do that is by alternating between informational content and promotional content. A good example of that is with the weather report, you send out the weather report one day, and the next day, you send a promo code for some percentage off your service in the form of an SMS message.

The above tips can help you get started in the process of converting cold leads to actual customers in your business. Remember to always test out different strategies and look for the one that works best for you.