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Some personalities shine so brightly in the entertainment world that their presence becomes unforgettable. Lisa Mcree is one such individual. With a fascinating career in broadcasting and an intriguing personal life, she has captured the hearts of many. This article will delve deep into Lisa Mcree net worth, career highlights, age, movies, personal life, height, awards, and more. So, let’s take a closer look at this remarkable woman’s journey.

Net Worth$5 million
CareerSuccessful actress in movies and television shows
MoviesNotable movies: Good Morning America
Personal LifeDedicated to philanthropy and charitable causes
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)

Early Life and Background

Lisa Mcree was born on September 29, 1961, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. She spent her formative years in the Lone Star State, where she developed a love for storytelling and journalism. Her early experiences in Texas would shape her future career in broadcasting.

Rising Through the Ranks

Lisa’s journey to stardom began with her pursuit of journalism. After earning a degree in journalism from the University of Texas, she worked for various news outlets, honing her skills as a reporter. Her dedication and talent caught the eye of industry insiders, leading her to more significant opportunities.

Television Stardom

One of Lisa Mcree’s defining moments came when she joined the ABC network. Her engaging presence and remarkable on-screen charisma made her a household name. She hosted the popular morning show “Good Morning America” alongside Charlie Gibson, captivating audiences nationwide.

Career Beginnings

Entry into Journalism

Lisa’s journey into journalism began when she attended Southern Methodist University (SMU). While at SMU, she honed her writing and reporting skills, setting the stage for her future career.

Local News Anchor

After graduating from SMU, Lisa started her career as a local news anchor. Her captivating on-screen presence and reporting dedication quickly earned her industry recognition.

National Spotlight

Lisa Mcree’s big break came when she joined ABC News. Her reporting skills and charismatic delivery made her a prominent figure on national television. She became a familiar face in households across the country.

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The Rise to Prominence

Co-hosting Good Morning America

One of Lisa’s most notable career achievements was co-hosting ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Her chemistry with her co-hosts and her ability to connect with viewers helped the show reach new heights.

Notable Interviews

Throughout her career, Lisa interviewed some of the most influential figures in the world, from politicians to celebrities. Her interviews were known for their depth and insight.

Lisa Mcree Net Worth

The estimated net worth of American television journalist and news anchor Lisa McRee as of 2023 is $5 million. From 1997 to 1999, she co-anchored ABC’s Good Morning America, for which she is best known. Currently, she serves as the host of LA Times Today on Spectrum News 1.

Personal Life and Family

Lisa Mcree is a private individual when it comes to her personal life. She was married to Christopher Whitney and had two children. Her dedication to her family has always been a priority. Lisa has been involved in various charitable endeavors outside of her career. She is known for her commitment to causes close to her heart.

Physical Attributes

Lisa Mcree stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). Her graceful appearance and poise have always been part of her charm. Lisa Mcree received numerous awards and recognitions throughout her career for her outstanding contributions to journalism and broadcasting.

Awards and Recognitions

Lisa’s contributions to the world of entertainment have not gone unnoticed. Over the years, she has received several accolades and awards for her outstanding work. Her remarkable talent has earned her recognition from both critics and fans alike.

  • Emmy Award: Lisa Mcree received an Emmy Award for her exceptional journalism and hosting skills during her tenure on “Good Morning America.”
  • Golden Globe Nomination: Her remarkable performances in films earned her a Golden Globe nomination, solidifying her status as a versatile actress.


Lisa Mcree’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a revered actress inspires many aspiring artists. Her dedication, talent, and philanthropic efforts have made her a respected figure in the entertainment industry. Lisa Mcree has undoubtedly left an indelible mark in entertainment with a remarkable net worth, a trail of successful movies, and a commitment to making a difference.

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