Microsoft won't give up publishing games on Xbox One for several years
Microsoft won't give up publishing games on Xbox One for several years

Microsoft won’t give up publishing games on Xbox One for several years

The arrival of a new generation can cause many things, and when it has been confirmed that Microsoft will stop producing the different hardware of the current generation, it may have set off an alarm. 

The fact that no more Xbox One X or Xbox One S will be produced does not mean that Microsoft cut its losses. In fact, Phil Spencer says that Microsoft will not abandon the publication of games on Xbox One for several years.

Microsoft has long argued that Xbox is the platform on which its efforts have been focused. A platform that is not limited to a single hardware, or two, but that brings together Xbox One, PC, and in the future also Xbox Series X.

Having managed to bring together so many users, it would be counterproductive to create barriers between them.

And one of the barriers that can arise is to force a change of console. 

Those who do not want to make the jump to Xbox Series may well rest easy on Xbox One, at least as far as Xbox Game Studios is concerned. Microsoft won’t give up publishing games on Xbox One for several years. 

As Phil Spencer has suggested, they don’t want anyone to feel “forced into the next generation,” and there won’t be any Xbox Series exclusive games for at least a few years.

“We want every Xbox gamer to play every new game from Xbox Game Studios,” says Spencer. “That’s why Xbox Game Studios titles we release in the coming years, like Halo Infinite, will be available and play great on Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

We won’t force you to upgrade to Xbox Series X at launch to play. Xbox exclusives. Another issue is promoting the jump by giving users confidence that it is a worthwhile investment.

No longer for technical reasons, but to see the games that will offer improvements in Xbox Series X and those advantages that we have been told so much about. 

Even now, it has been wanted to point out that jumping to Xbox Series X is being able to continue playing everything that has seen the light of day on Xbox One, adding, in turn, the backward compatibility of the current hardware. 

You could start this way with a library full of games, a huge catalog, and subscription services on the rise.

Microsoft’s proposal for the new generation of Xbox Series X is strong, especially due to its commitment to the community, which, far from being diminished by the arrival of new hardware, aims to be stronger than ever. 

Now it is worth considering whether this same predisposition to maintain developments for the current generation will be supported by other publishers.ERP machine