Women nowadays copy appearance and styles from television series, and one of the most prominent examples is Game of Thrones, which transformed television. It is the highest-rated television series on the air, with viewers tuning in worldwide. The series has inspired game of Thrones viewers that they are enrolling in Valyrian classes.

The enthusiasm, however, did not end there. Daenerys Targaryen, its mother of the dragons, was one of the most beloved characters in the series. Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of the role has encouraged many women to be strong and daring and color their hair platinum blonde! Several Game of Thrones enthusiasts is going platinum blonde with their hair. It’s a lovely color that appeals to everyone on the planet. This is an immediate success when applied to those with short hair. The platinum blonde would look great in a variety of hairstyles.

Platinum Hairs

One of the most famous short haircuts is the Bob. It’s a popular haircut among celebrities all around the world. The bob haircut is characterized by hair trimmed straight all-around head and to the jawline. Some people wear their bobs with front fringes, which adds to the style’s stylish factor. Hair is either cropped to the ear level or slightly above the shoulders on the sides. It’s a beautiful haircut that’s simple to keep up with. The haircut is an obvious winner with such a platinum blonde hue.

However, Ice Blonde hair is a current style that has gained popularity worldwide. Ice blonde hair appears to be attracting attention. In reality, ice blonde hair has become popular among celebrities because of its unique beauty and style. Selena Gomez & Karlie Kloss are two well-known celebrities. The hair is done in a pale platinum tone with silver, white, or blue undertones. The queen from the Frozen film has a similar appearance.

Through all of these highs and lows,  what it takes to have platinum hair, including the amazing dedication and responsibility required. Wonderful platinum comes with a lot of responsibility.

However, getting this look necessitates numerous salon sessions. To achieve the hairdo, always go to a reputable salon center. They’ll pay greater attention to the details and give you the most fabulous color possible with minimal damage to the hair. The hairstylist starts with a pale yellow base for your hair and gradually progresses to an icy blonde tint. Ice blonde shades, according to experts, look great on both a blunt haircut and curls.

Trending Platinum Short Hairstyles

Platinum blonde hair looks more relaxed and beautiful with some great fringes in the front. The process of achieving the desired hair color should be done with caution. It is always preferable to seek the advice of a skilled hairstylist who is also reasonably priced. Platinum blonde hues are among the most expensive on the market, with a considerable risk of damage. As a result, only experienced professionals can provide you with the most outstanding results. With platinum blonde color, you can experiment with a variety of hairstyles.

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When groomed correctly, platinum blonde may look cool. The elegant appearance is one of our favorites, especially inside the shorter length. The great news is that styling short sides is much more accessible than styling longer hair. Explore the options below if you’re looking for stunning short platinum blonde haircuts. Here are some low-maintenance platinum blonde short haircuts to try. These looks can help your short hair take on a platinum sheen.

Wavy Bob

This is a must-have for short hair, especially if you’re platinum blonde. It maintains the dramatic color palette while giving your face a smooth, silky, and appealing lift. It also makes a statement by smartly highlighting your hair’s natural wavy fall.

Choppy Layered Hair

The long asymmetric layers over short platinum hair appear fantastic and are easy to manage. You won’t believe it. However, this requires extremely little maintenance. At the same time, it gives your hair a beautiful body and an effortlessly elegant style.

Short Blonde A-Line Bob

On shorter platinum blonde hair, the beauty of a bob is how nicely the hues dance with the Bob. It’s a practical and adaptable design that allows you to wear various hairstyles depending on circumstances. The platinum bob’s icy, steely hue complements the A-line flawlessly.

Blunt Layered

It provides volume to your hair and is another staple for individuals with platinum blonde & short hair. It also gives you the freedom to style your hair in various ways. The more layers you cram in, the more impact you’ll have.

Short Bob with Bangs

This little platinum blonde bob haircut can completely change your appearance. For the most satisfactory results, add highlights to your platinum blonde. The bangs also highlight the golden color.

Layered Short Inverted Bob

There’s nothing like the inverted bob haircut when you want to keep your hair shorter and platinum blonde. It’s stylish, modern, and very stunning. This is another feature that jumps out as much as the golden color. 


It’s a little wicked, a little modest, and gorgeous. The platinum blonde color emphasizes the side-swept bangs always and brings out the best in you.

Layered Platinum Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

This is a more contemporary twist on the traditional fairy. This stylish platinum blonde style with short hair lifts your crown and adds much-needed volume to your face. 

Pixie with Undercut

A platinum blonde is challenging to miss, but a pixie with just an undercut may make your look much more stunning and edgy at times. This fashionable style is effortless to keep up with and doesn’t require additional styling. 

How to get Platinum short hairstyles?

Consult a Professional Stylist

Before going for a dramatic hair change, it’s crucial to consult with a professional stylist. They can help you determine if platinum hair suits your skin tone and face shape and suggest the best cut and styling options.

Prepare Your Hair

Healthy, moisturized hair is essential for achieving and maintaining platinum hair. Consider deep conditioning treatments and trimming any damaged ends before the bleaching process.

Bleaching and Tone

Bleaching removes the natural pigment from your hair to create a blank canvas for the platinum hue. A professional stylist can properly bleach your hair to avoid damage and ensure even results. After bleaching, a toner is applied to add the desired platinum shade.