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What Is the Use of Screen Printing Machines? and How Do Screen Printing Machines for Small Businesses Work?

Screen Printing Machines for Small Businesses

Screen printing is the most common method used to print t-shirts. Your screen printer must first create a stencil on a piece of silk screened material before he can begin printing t-shirts. A regular stencil consists of two or more layers that are sandwiched together to allow for multiple prints (more colors).

Layers used in process

The first layer is called the positive and is usually made out of some type of thick photo emulsion. The next layer is called the squeegee or negative layer which is simply another sheet of silk screened material with one side covered in un-pigmented ink (black ink) and other side left clean.

This “blank” squeegee helps push the ink through the “stencil” creating your design. These two negative and positive silk screens are sandwiched together with a film of water in between them. The squeegee is pulled across the stencil forcing ink through the gaps of the stencil onto your shirt using heat, pressure and some sort of forced air to push it evenly out of the vat.

Effect of heat in screen printing machine

Heat presses have different temperature settings that affect how much heat is applied to the t-shirt during printing. Each screen printer has his own preferred press setting but basically, more heat is equal to less ink on your shirt while less heat means more ink on your shirt. So if you are looking for thicker lines on your print then apply more pressure when moving the squeegee while smoothing it out would require less pressure. To prevent your silk screened images from getting too hot, some screen printers will preheat their screens with the ink side up to avoid this problem.

Complete procedure

Most of the orders you receive from your customer will be 1 or 2 color prints on 100% cotton shirts that are preshrunk and double-needle stitched at a rate of about 180 per hour.

Another common practice is the process of under-printing where a darker or pastel color is used underneath out design to create more depth in the print. There are many methods available for screen printing but this is just one of them.

How to use screen printing machine?

The following concepts have been brought up at multiple times during class.

Two important parts in printing machine

After deciding what type of silk screen you want to use, there are two important parts that must be done in order to make sure the stencil is ready for printing. These are given below.

Screen printing machine as a small business

Screen printing machine can be used as a small business. Screen printing can cost $30,000 to $80,000. Now it depends on you that which machine you want to buy. A screen printing machine can be started from small machine and then you can make it bigger. This is total cost which you need to start the business including all the things. A screen printing machine can earn $100,000 per year. You just have to invest only one time than it will give monthly income.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course it is reliable. And it is best to start a small business.

Once you purchased a good machine, it will work for many years.

Yes, this is not difficult task. You just need experience to run the business.

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