How Do Small Sewing Machines Work

Small sewing machine

A small sewing machine is a small, lightweight, portable electric device that sews using an even feed. It usually includes one or more spools of thread and can be powered by batteries as well as an AC power supply. Mini sewing machines are tasked with sewing seams in many different materials. Some common materials that are stitched include leather, felt, denim, canvas, heavy upholstery fabric and vinyls.

Types of stitches

A small sewing machine uses 2 types of stitches: zigzag stitch (used for straight stitching), and satin stitch (used for decoration). The small sewing machine operates with the help of 4 basic parts i-e Feed dog, Needle bar system, Bobbin winder, Stitch regulator.

The mini sewing machine makes zigzag stitches consisting of two straight stitches connected together by one or more angled stitches. A curved stitch is possible, but requires modification of both needle bar and feed dog arrangements. As it has single thread feed system, it cannot do zigzag stitches over more than 2 layers of material.

Working of small sewing machine

It has a motor that drives the needle up and down through the cloth to create the stitch. The motor is controlled by either electronic circuit or cam method depending on machine type. Depending on the type of the machine, a bobbin can be used to supply thread for a stitching operation or a second spool of thread may be used. A mini sewing machine is powered by either an AC power supply or 4 to 8 different sized batteries.

Motors in most household machines are DC motors with commutators and brushes, but some small machines use one directional brushless motor which require very little maintenance. However these types of motor are usually found on expensive models.

Uses of small sewing machine

The small sewing machine can be used at home for sewing practice and is also widely used in garment factories, shoes shops and luggage workshops. However some machines are so small that they can only hold a spool of thread on top or behind.

A mechanical foot pedal (instead of an electrical switch) controls most household machines (foot treadle). This arrangement works well when the machine must run continuously with the operator free to adjust fabric under the presser foot or to change her grip on the work piece. For intermittent use, an electric footswitch will stop automatic restarts which can increase productivity dramatically. A hand held pushbutton also can be used when the machine is mounted on a table.

With this machine, you will be able to tighten your clothes, attach buttons easily and quickly without having to deal with large equipment or bulky metal needles. You can change your house’s look in just minutes without breaking the bank on expensive repairs or renovations if there are damages. This item is cheaper than other stitching types made for big machines.

Sewing machines are tasked with sewing seams in many different materials. Some common materials that are stitched include leather, felt, denim, canvas, heavy upholstery fabric and vinyls. To sew through several layers of stiffened craft felt is quite possible for mini sewing machine. A mini sewing machine can even sew through 3 layers of stiffened felt. Only good quality parts are used to manufacture the mini sewing machines that are permanently lubricated due to which they are high durable.

Important note: It cannot sew through high pile fabrics or multiple layered materials like jeans where there is more than 1 type of fabric in contact with each other so it may prove to be problematic.

Old model VS New models

Modern small sewing machines can do all kinds of sewing operations like satin stitching, decorative stitching, zigzag stitching, seams finishes etc. But some old models (non-computerized) cannot perform such types of stitching and they have no facility for adjusting the stitch length either. Some old models cannot even sew a straight line because they lack adjustable feed dogs whereas newer models come with adjustable feed dogs which help in controlling the fabric from feeding too quickly or not feeding at all.

Small sewing machines has a machine head which is mainly made up of a frame that houses the working parts and it may be lift or detachable to ease threading. The bed provides a stable platform for fabrics and upon which an entire garment can be made.

Easy to handle

The small sewing machine is a basic sewing tool and its use will be very easy. If you plan to sew clothes, you could choose this type of stitching. You can also stitch different kinds of cloth if you have the right items, such as needles and screws for each item. The advantage of this type of stitching is that it is small and lightweight so it does not take up much space in your house so it is easier for storage and transportation. Also, its size allows you to bring it anywhere with ease. In addition, using a small sewing machine requires no electricity because even though they are light weight, this type of equipment runs on foot power rather than battery or ac power coming from a socket or a converter.

This type of machine has a pedal that you need to activate it. In addition, some models also have a switch that you can push to start stitching if the foot pedal is too complicated. This model works with basic thread and fabric so you do not have to worry about their efficiency or safety because the item has been tested by safety inspectors and approved for use by many homes and workshops all over the world.


Small Sewing machine is the best product. It is best in quality and reliable. It is easy to use so, anyone can operate this. This small sewing machine is available easily in stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many cost does small sewing machine has?

The price of machine starts from $60 and can available at $160. While the machine used in industries are ranges from $1000 to $15000.

  • Is sewing machine is reliable? Or how long will it work?

The small sewing machine is reliable and it will work for years. However the quality of sewing machine also depends on the brand of machine.