You’d be happy to share a foxhole with any of these people.

Most video games have some kind of fight going on. And a lot of them are about war and fighting in the military. So, over the years, many soldiers have learned about the gaming industry in this way. All of them have different traits. But they often show a lot of guts, determination, and fighting skills.

Most of them also fight for the good side. There have been bad soldiers, but most of the time, soldiers are chosen because they are good. Over the years, there have been many people who have lived up to the name. Here are some of the most important ones.

Sonya Blade – Mortal Kombat Series

In games, there aren’t that many female soldiers. Still, Sonya Blade is well-known for more than just being one of the few. She is a well-known character who has been in the Mortal Kombat games since the beginning.

She has changed a lot over the years she has been alive, even becoming a mother. But the fact that she is a great fighter has never changed. In the canon, she is part of a special forces unit that fights against Outworld’s forces. This means that she often has to deal with dangerous animals. But she doesn’t care, because she’s always ready to fight. She doesn’t even need weapons most of the time.

John Price – Call Of Duty Series

In the Call of Duty series, the main character changes almost every time a Slope Game comes out. So, the FPS series has added a lot of new characters over time. Since these games are mostly about war, most of the characters are soldiers.

John Price is the best of all of them (aka Captain Price). He is the most well-known character in the history of Call of Duty. It’s interesting that you don’t play as him very often. He is more likely to be your commanding officer. So, he’s the tough military type, but in the Modern Warfare games, he also shows that he’s smart and funny.

B.J. Blazkowicz – Wolfenstein Series

Since the first game in the Wolfenstein series came out in the 1980s, B.J. Blazkowicz has been the main character. He’s changed a lot as a character over the years. Before, he was just a bland military hero who did everything by the book. In recent games, he’s shown a kinder, more thoughtful side of himself.

But in all of them, he has been a true American patriot who hates Nazis very much. And the fascists hate B.J. just as much because of how determined, tough, and good at fighting he is. He has been a major problem for them in every episode. He doesn’t even need many allies to do a lot of damage to the Nazis because he is a one-man army.

Doomguy – Doom Series

The main character in the Doom games has never had a real name. The fans came up with the name “Doomguy,” and it has kind of stuck. This person is a good fit for not having a name. After all, he is the best example of a badass who doesn’t waste time. He goes about his business with no mercy and doesn’t say much because he doesn’t say much.

This is a marine who usually fights against the forces of Hell, so that business is killing demons. So, as you might expect, he faces some tough opponents, but he’s a beast and beats them all with his incredible strength and a lot of great weapons.

Marcus Fenix – Gears Series

Marcus Fenix is always one of the first names that come to mind when you think of a video game soldier. This is because he is in Gears of War, which is one of the best military shooter games ever made. Even when he’s not the main character, he’s usually a big part of the story.

He looks like an old soldier, has a strong personality, and loves to fight. In many ways, he is the classic soldier archetype. Still, there are times when he shows a kinder side. But he doesn’t have much time to do that because he’s always fighting Locust, Lambent, or Swarm. Each one is a group of aggressive creatures that pose a threat to people. Most of the time, Marcus is the one who has to stop them.

Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy 7

Without giving away too much about Final Fantasy 7, Cloud Strife’s qualifications as a soldier aren’t very good. But in a way, he was a type of soldier for Shinra, which was a bad company. He quickly left them, though, and joined the side of good.

It’s interesting that he has become a better fighter since leaving the organized military. Cloud kills a lot of Shinra’s soldiers with one of the most famous swords in video games as he tries to bring down the bad company. Also, as he goes, he opens up and cares more about the people around him. This helps him go from being a mercenary to becoming a hero.

Commander Shepard – Mass Effect Series

You decide how Commander Shepard looks, acts, and thinks. But the character is still one of the most famous in video game history. The main reason for this is what this soldier does over the course of the Mass Effect trilogy.

In each book, they stop forces that aren’t just dangerous to humans, but to every other species in the galaxy as well. They do this with the help of their amazing leadership skills, which let them bring together powerful allies to make a strong military force. And they are always at the front of that army.

Master Chief – Halo Series

In video games, there are a lot of space marines, but few are as well-known as Master Chief. He was made by a Spartan program that was meant to make elite supersoldiers who were smarter and stronger than the average soldier.

Throughout the Halo series, Chief is shown to be the best of all. This is clear because the hero saves the day over and over again. No matter what kind of creature he’s fighting, Chief can beat them almost by himself every time. All he ever needs is a gun and his power armor.

Naked Snake – Metal Gear Solid Series

The Metal Gear Solid series has some of the best soldiers in the history of video games. But Naked Snake (also known as Big Boss) might be the most impressive. After all, in MGS3, he beats the legendary warrior known as The Boss and becomes a famous soldier as a result.

Then, he starts from scratch to build his own Private Military Company, which causes big problems for much bigger groups. The best thing about the man is that he can always do more than he should. Even though he’s just a normal person in camouflage, he’s able to do superhuman things on the battlefield. This is because of how smart and creative he was in battle. He also helps because he is very good at being sneaky.