Can You Take &Use Insta EMI Card While Travelling in India

Traveling is the most convenient way to relax and re-energize! It is always rewarding to get away from the mundane daily chores and enjoy a world of new experiences, whether with family, friends, your significant other, or alone. However, planning the ideal vacation can be difficult due to the numerous factors to consider.

You may finance your vacation desires with an Insta EMI card without worrying. With the help of the specifically created EMI Network Card, you can make EMI travel payments without a credit card. You can make purchases using the pre-approved credit on your card, which you can then pay off in free EMIs over a flexible repayment period of your choosing. 

Utilize the Insta EMI card to shop on EMI easily and book airline tickets and hotel accommodations for a trip to your preferred vacation spot. Using your EMI Network Card, you can make up to Rs. 2 lakh purchases and pay them off over 3 to 24 months.

Can You Take & Use Insta EMI Card while Travelling in India?

The Bajaj instant EMI card is the best choice for financing your travels for several factors. Here is a handful of them:

  • Pre-approved loans up to Rs. 2 lakh
  • There is no deposit required.
  • Flexible payback terms of up to 12 months
  • Free EMI on deals worth Rs. 4,500 and more No foreclosure fees
  • Attractive offers

Bajaj instant EMI card Travel Offers

Bajaj Finserv has worked with well-known travel companies like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, and Yatra, among others, to make your travels memorable. You may check out the many travel and hotel alternatives and the vacation packages with EMI possibilities on these portals. 

You can pay for your vacation using your Bajaj Instant EMI Card and pay back the borrowed money in free EMIs over the chosen term. To create the ideal vacation on EMI, input the city you wish to visit, change your travel dates, and add any special travel requirements. 

To help you save even more money, some EMI partners also provide tempting holiday deals. The following are some benefits of using the Bajaj instant EMI card when making travel arrangements:

  • At Bajaj Finserv travel partner shops, reserve hotel rooms with no EMI.
  • At Bajaj Finserv travel partner locations, buy airline tickets on EMI.
  • At Bajaj Finserv travel partner shops, reserve homestays with no EMI.

How to Travel on EMI without Credit Card

It’s easier than you imagine booking a trip with a travel EMI card. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions listed below:

  • Step 1: Go to the travel partner’s website and finish the login procedure.
  • Step 2: Based on your preferences, look through the selection of flights, hotels, or vacation packages.
  • Step 3: After selecting the service you want to use, pay for it.
  • Step 4: Choose “Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card” as your payment method at the payment portal.
  • Step 5: Pick a preferred repayment tenor.
  • Step 6: Enter and validate your card information using the received OTP.
  • Step 7: Verify your order in Step 7 to finish the transaction.

You can use the Bajaj instant EMI card to shop on EMI for any products you might require when arranging your travel across India. For this, you can go to Bajaj Finserv’s offline partner stores or online shopping partners, like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., and buy things with free EMI in a few simple steps.

You can use your Bajaj instant EMI card to purchase hotel and flight tickets on EMI; no additional paperwork is required. Only hotel and travel bookings with a tenure of up to three months are eligible for the No Cost EMI option. For a term of up to 12 months, you might be required to pay a small amount of interest.

Suppose you have a Bajaj instant EMI card. In that case, you may shop for all your travel needs, including bus reservations, hotel stays, vacation packages, and airplane tickets, and pay in convenient installments.

Advantages of purchasing your plane tickets with a Bajaj instant EMI card

  • You can reserve accommodations as well as flights.
  • The entry-level purchase ought to be Rs. 4500.
  • Available for up to 12 months at no cost EMI. The lender does not, however, only offer the tenure alternatives of 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12.

Which vacation packages can be purchased on EMI using an EMI Network Card?

With the help of partnerships with well-known travel websites like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Yatra, etc., Bajaj Finserv has made it easier for you to find the greatest vacation deals on EMI. You can check out these platforms’ many domestic and international tour packages. 

You need to specify your vacation location, change your departure and arrival dates, and add any special requirements. You may book excursions on these websites with your Bajaj instant EMI card and take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts in addition to the no-cost EMI benefit on vacation packages.

When booking an all-inclusive vacation package, you may use your Bajaj instant EMI card to convert the amount into EMIs that can be paid back over a reasonable period of time. Your Bajaj instant EMI card’s pre-approved loan amount can be used to make an EMI booking for your honeymoon trip.

Depending on your option, you can easily apply for a Bajaj instant EMI card online or offline. After completing the Bajaj Finserv login, the card can be readily handled through the Bajaj Experia portal with minimal documentation. So stop waiting and reserve your upcoming travel arrangements on EMI with the Bajaj instant EMI card right away!

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