The remarkable technical developments that made it possible for the development of a lengthy line of advancements have caused the world to move quickly. We look at some of the key technological developments that will impact how we live both now and in the future, ranging from electricity to computers.

A new age of innovation in computers, electronics, manufacturing, and medicine was ushered in by some of the most fascinating discoveries and breakthroughs. We examine eleven technical innovations that are so ground-breaking they will continue to influence our way of life for a very long time.


Would any other discoveries have been possible without the discovery of electricity? Of course not. Since early researchers like Benjamin Franklin examined it and innovators like Nikola Tesla experimented with ways to convert it into power, electricity has not only fueled countless new inventions but has also evolved into an indispensable part of contemporary life.

The laser

When they were first discovered in 1960, lasers were so revolutionary that their potential applications were not even clear to scientists. Since then, lasers have been used in almost every industry, including manufacturing, consumer electronics, and medicine. In reality, today almost everyone comes into touch with a laser1 on a daily basis in some capacity.

Semiconductor chips

Numerous significant technological advancements served as the foundation for countless more brand-new ones. A good instance? the chip in a semiconductor. The development of the laptop, followed by the development of the smartphone and tablet, was made possible by the electric circuit, which included several components including wire and transistors.

The global positioning system

Even if vehicles make life easier, going from A to B may still be difficult, especially when you’re in a strange location. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology was created in 1973 and released to the public in 1995. It identifies a place and aids in navigation using satellites. It has more recently been used as the basis for several smart cities and urban transportation apps.

The smartphone

Although we detest to admit it, smartphones have become indispensable for daily life. Its compatibility with so many other technological breakthroughs, like GPS, mobile banking, and fitness applications, makes it particularly unique. In 2007, Apple introduced its first smartphone, and there was no turning back.

Quantum computing

Our lives will continue to be shaped by the invention of the computer, particularly the personal computer. A new area of possible applications was opened up in October 2019 when it was revealed that a problem that a conventional computer couldn’t solve took a quantum computer just 200 seconds to solve. Quantum computers employ quantum physics to vastly boost processing capability.

The human genome project

The Human Genome Project has had no other scientific development in contemporary times to have such a profound impact on medicine. The HGP, which was finished in 2003, mapped every gene in the human genome. It allowed for the exploration of illnesses’ gene associations and sparked the growth of biotech businesses looking for fresh ways to use their products in healthcare.

The automobile

Once the first car drove off the production lines, it never stopped being a vehicle for change. The vehicle, which was formerly viewed as a solution to all transportation issues, has had to change to meet global demands to stop using fossil fuels and reduce traffic. Hybrid, electric, and autonomous vehicles of the future generation are now available, demonstrating that the automobile will be around for many generations to come.

Artificial intelligence

Probably the most significant and innovative development in technology today is artificial intelligence. It is genuinely amazing that we have developed tools and systems capable of thinking for ourselves, and this development is just continuing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already there in your pocket; Siri on the Apple iPhone is a prime example. As smart homes, smart cities, and the Internet of Things become more commonplace, AI will become more and more ingrained in our daily lives. We are seeing the transformation of science fiction into reality in front of our very eyes.


Over 60% of firms worldwide have reportedly been subjected to at least one type of cyberattack, and it is believed that 30,000 websites are hacked on average each day. On average, a cyberattack targets one company every 39 seconds.

Cybersecurity is crucial because it covers everything related to safeguarding our data from online adversaries who wish to steal it and use it for malicious purposes. Another crucial element is outsourced IT support. Every organization needs this type of service in order to grow, have strong cyber security, increase productivity, and remain competitive without having to worry about cybercrimes.

The next big thing

Because they never stand alone, technological developments have always been thrilling. They inspire fresh ideas and subsequent innovation, frequently ushering forth a new age in either mobility, communications, or medicine. We are born innovators, so keep an eye out for news about the next great thing.