keep a lot of personal and important information on our cell phones. We do our banking, talk to family and friends. It’s scary to know that someone accesses your phone against your will.

If you’re sure your iphone has been hacked , you’ve probably had some problems with your security. Read an article and find out what you can do now.

How to know if my device has been hacked?

The phone is always hot

If your phone heats up all the time and sometimes freezes, it could be that malware is running in the background. A hot running mobile device may be infected with malware as the program will run constantly in the background.

New unknown applications

When the unknown application appears on your phone or strange messages are sent to the numbers in your address book , you may have been hacked. When hackers take over your device, things will start to look messy. Hackers often break into devices to upload malicious files or encrypt personal data for their own benefit.

Ways to prevent future hacking attacks

Create strong passwords

  • Don’t use common information about yourself, such as your last name, first name, address, or anything else that someone might be able to guess.

Only use official apps

  • Buy only applications from the official App Store. External apps are risky and cause problems.

Keep your phone updated

  • Sometimes you ignore those notifications to update your software. Do not jump! You need to update your software as soon as possible. Software updates are n’t always about new features, most of the time they contain bug and performance fixes as well.

Be wary of public Wi-Fi

  • Wi-Fi connection is sometimes our last resort, but choose networks. By gaining access to a compromised one, cybercriminals could also gain access to your personal information.

What can I do if my phone is hacked?

Use antivirus software

  • There are many good antivirus programs designed for all operating systems. Using this type of software again protects against any external attacks. There are free versions available, but it will be better priced.

Delete unknown apps

  • If you don’t remember if you download this app and you don’t know what it’s for, it will be safer to delete it. You will notice that these apps run in the background, even if you have never seen or used them.

Hard reset

  • A factory reset will restore your phone to the condition it was shipped in from the manufacturer. In the video below you can check how to do it.