OpenCart 3.o development
OpenCart 3.0 development

As OpenCart 3.0 is out, the entire community is excited to learn and use its new features, enhancements, and delivery improvements. In the past few years, OpenCart development services have seen a massive demand in the market. And why not? This open-source shopping platform’s solutions and improvements have made online eCommerce easier and more innovative.

In this article, we will discuss this tremendous online store management system, describing its features, latest extensions, and importance. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

But before that, let’s put some light on its origin; what is it?

OpenCart: The beginning and overview!

OpenCart was first proposed in 2009 as a CMS developed primarily for developing and supporting eCommerce websites. It’s a fully flexible eCommerce platform with extensions that let you scale it up or down as needed. It also comes with many themes to help you create a great and professional-looking online store.

You may establish a fully customizable online store that is tailored to your specific market needs. Because it’s an open-source platform, it’s a low-cost option with pre-installed capabilities that can assist you in setting up a simple online store.

OpenCart is suitable for eCommerce businesses of any size, industry, or budget. With over 31,663 organizations utilizing it, it has a 0.92 percent market share. The reason behind its immense popularity is that it comes with a large number of features out of the box, as well as over 14,000 extra extensions. Because OpenCart has no monthly costs, it is beneficial to a business.

There are many versions of OpenCart, and now it has recently launched OpenCart 3.0!

OpenCart 3.0 is now available. It has officially been released, as well as the whole OpenCart audience is anxious to see the system’s new look.

The admin area in OpenCart 3.0 has been completely redesigned. With modest tweaks, it is more sleek and intricate. The new style is evident across the admin panel, but let’s take a closer look to see what’s new. In the profile menu, the user’s icon has been updated. The profile link takes you to the admin panel’s modification section, where you can customize your personal information.

What new features OpenCart 3.0 offers to your eCommerce platform?

Some of the prominent features that come with the new OpenCart 3.0 are:

#1. Theme editor

This functionality allows you to make modifications to your OpenCart store’s code directly from the admin panel. The Twig programming language will be used.

You can select the template you wish to change and operate it in the text editor on the right-hand side on the opposite side. You can choose the store you want to work on in the top left corner if you have a multi-store arrangement.

#2. Admin dashboard

There’s also a new Marketplace option within the admin section that will ultimately appreciate modules directly from your admin panel. This wise approach will make it easier to access a wide range of themes and plugins. The search engine is part of the Marketplace. It can recognize and pick both free and paid modules, making the procedure faster and easier.

#3. Installer

The updated installer makes it easy to share and install modules without FTP because uploading is now done through the browser. Because you no longer need to maintain essential FTP passwords in admin, the website seems to be more secure. There is also a history table that provides the history of all manual modules that have been installed.

#4. Smart filters

Table data in the OpenCart admin can now be filtered using a new element on the right, the tables have been cleaned up, and the overall experience has improved. Slashing a few seconds from each order you handle adds up to a significant difference when it comes to shipping to your clients! 

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#5. Multilingual SEO URLs

The multilingual SEO URLs are the next major update in OpenCart. Your site’s primary language can now be utilized in URLs as well. This is really something you can set up for all of your pages. The category modification box and the SEO keyword have both been relocated to a separate tab. You can include this term in the SEO URLs to activate them if you want. 

Apart from the above, some other functionalities of OpenCart 3.0 are:

  • Language editor
  • Extensions installer
  • Analytics

Besides, from the features mentioned above, let’s take a quick look at the advanced extensions offered by OpenCart 3.0. Here are some latest extensions which add more stars to your eCommerce website-

Latest extensions of OpenCart!

Some new extensions of OpenCart are:

  • Page Builder
  • One-page checkout
  • Social Login
  • SearchPro
  • Mega Menu
  • Newsletter popup
  • Lookbook

Importance of OpenCart in future years!

OpenCart 3.0 is the best solution for you if you want to start an eCommerce marketplace. Small and medium-sized eCommerce enterprises can benefit significantly from it. It is widely assumed that the most recent OpenCart 3 mainly aimed to improve and streamline the system. The most important is the admin’s express involvement in the website’s development. The updated platform is robust and secured, allowing it to remain online. It provides its customers with a guarantee of quality and usability, a redesigned user interface, templates editor, easy admin filter, and a large selection of vital functions, among other things.

Upgrading from OpenCart 2 to 3 improves the system’s functionality and makes it easier to use. If you are looking forward to taking your business to a new level, OpenCart 3 offers a unique combination of long experience and significant advancements.
So what are you waiting for? Get started with OpenCart today and take your retail & eCommerce business to new success heights. If you are looking for a helping hand, we will assist you with the best solutions. We are a leading OpenCart development company India, holding rich expertise in providing world-class OpenCart development services. Get in touch with us to create a fantastic shopping cart for our end-users.