We all love fashionable Outfits. Wearing stylish clothing is in trend here in Australia with Etsy discount code, but some outfits may need to be more sustainable for our environment. Here in Australia, heat strokes are rising comparatively due to global warming. We can also contribute to controlling global warming by wearing sustainable, fashionable clothing.

Why is sustainable fashion so important?

It is essential nowadays because our clothing waste affects our environment. For example, 40% of the water will be wasted in the dying process of clothes. In addition, the textile industrial garbage will be thrown into river water, contaminating river water and crops. Moreover, clothing waste is primarily unrecyclable; it is thrown into the ocean, polluting marine life.

How can I contribute towards sustainable fashion?

All of us should be aware of sustainable fashion. You can also be a part of reducing the environmental hazards of our clothing.

Select dresses smartly:

Choose an outfit that can be used on multiple occasions. Like you can buy four different colours of pants and shirts to wear in your office by changing combinations. So, your fellows won’t notice that you are wearing the same clothes for a long time and will also look nice. You may buy expensive clothes once and use them for special occasions only, like at your wedding, Christmas day or the office party but don’t wear them at home or in the streets as it may reduce their shine. You may not throw packaging off your clothing as it may help keep dresses safe. Instead, hang clothes in the wardrobe on a hanger after properly ironing them to increase their life span.

Recycle sustainable clothing:

You can sell your used clothes or give them to another person, but throwing them into the dustbin is not suitable. Try to cut your waste clothes into pieces to clean your house or car. You can also use it as fuel during winter if your electric heater is not working. Old clothes are very comfortable for everyone to wear before sleeping. Artists can cut into pieces to make new designs. Finally, you can modify your clothes to create unique pet wear for your pet during the winter season.

Reduce clothes washing:

Washing clothes may reduce their life span. Use washing powder from Australia’s top brand as they use high quality chemicals. You can avoid wearing white colour as dirt spots may be primate in your clothing. Wear clothes carefully & avoid any food drops on your clothes while eating. Avoid blue or red as they may lose their colour during washings.

Go organic:

Use cotton, silk, linen, wool clothing as they are natural and more environmentally sustainable as they require less water and natural pesticides. They are easily recyclable that as a result decomposes on the earth’s soil and does not cause pollution.

Select high quality sustainable clothing:

Use High quality clothing from Australia’s top brands, but you should check whether these are sustainable or not. The high quality dress may cost you more, but it will be long-lasting & tear-resistant as compared to cheaper clothing. High level brand clothes pass through 7 inspection levels, three general and four special inspections. In addition, its washing, wear & tear resistance ensures daily check.


Since ethical businesses are growing, the demand for more sustainability increases as well. Fashion brands are changing their mission to provide fashion essentials that are kind to earth and durable for a long time. So, we can achieve sustainability with quality if we all follow eco-friendly and sustainable clothing brands so we can be in a top trend here in Australia. It is better to compromise on styles, but not the compromise on environment because with sustainable mindset, we can save our world from global warming.