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Cody Ko

Thus according to Amount Of Net worth, Cody Ko’s wealth is expected to be approximately $4 million in 2022. Cody Michael Ko is a Vlogger, entertainer, talk show host, and rapper from Canada. Born in Canada on November 22, 1990, he rose to prominence through his short comedic sketches on Vine, where he worked with other Viners. He is a member of the comedian Tiny Meat Gang and Brian Wecht, also known as WechtBoi, which could be seen in the 2016 film ‘Popstar: Never Stopping’ or by viewing any of their videos.

Cody ko net worth

According to owns the net worth, Cody Ko’s net worth is expected to be approximately $4 million in 2022. He makes most of his money on YouTube, where he broadcasts short sketches and produces a podcast. His monthly income is around $52872 by Celebrity Net Worth. Monetized YouTube channels generate money by placing advertisements. Youtube videos can earn between $3 and $7 per 1,000 views on youtube. If Cody Ko falls within this category, Net Worth Tracker calculates that he makes $93.9 thousand every month, for a total of $1.41 million per year.

Early Life

Cody Ko was conceived in 1990, and his sister has starred in his Vines. Cody appears to be quite close to his dad, having recently gone to Hawaii to surprise him. In 2022, Cody Ko’s net worth is expected to be about $4 million.

In terms of schooling, he attended Duke University. He used his research by developing the iPhone app “I’d Cap That.” The program, which adds comments to photographs, has received over 4 million downloads. In May 2012, this app was named the App Store’s Best App of the Week. It was afterward acquired through addiction.

Personal Life

Cody Ko was born in Calgary, Canada, Alberta, on November 22, 1990. His sister has featured on his Vine account. Cody appears to have a close relationship with his father. On January 29, 2017, he traveled to Hawaii to shock his father. He shared the footage on Instagram.

The parents of Cody Ko are Greg and Helen Kolodziejzyk. Greg Kolodziejzyk, his father, is a professional cyclist. Helen Kolodziejzyk is his mother, and she is a stay-at-home mom. His sister, Krista Anne, is his only other sibling. The marital status of Cody Ko is single. He is dating Kelsey Kreppel, a well-known YouTuber and content creator. His previous relationships are unknown because they simply started dating in 2017.


Cody invented the iPhone software “I’d Cap That” as a new student at Duke University, which adds words to images. Apple recognized the app Free App of the Week in 2012, while he was 19 years old, for gathering more than 4 million subscribers within a few months. Addiction later purchased the program.

Jack got his start on Vine by making funny videos on movies, technologies, and many facets of society. He now has a YouTube page where he often posts outlandish comic commentary for other YouTube celebrities and music videos as a portion of his Tiny Meat Gang side business with colleague Viner Noel Miller.

Music career

Small Meat Gang issued the EPs Bangers & Ass in Dec 2017, followed by Locals Only in 2018. They also signed with Arista Songs in October 2019 and have since been working very hard to continue honing their skill to share them with the rest of the world! In addition to their musical abilities, Tiny Meat Gang also hosts a gaming discussion series called That’s Cringe and a Love Island Let’s Play series (available on iOS and Android). They also anchor the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast, which won the Shorty Awards’ best podcast category at the 2019 Shorty Awards Ceremony on Saturday, May 5, at the PlayStation Theater in Nyc.

Cody ko weight, and height

Cody Ko was born November 22, 1990, and will be 31 years old in 2022. His length is 1.75 meters, and his bodyweight is 68 kg.

Facts about Cody Ko

He is a member of the Tiny Meat Gang comedic duo.

Cody Kolodziejzky was born to Greg Kolodziejzky and Helen in Calgary, Alberta.

After graduating from Springbank Community College, he attended Duke Institute in Durham, North Carolina.

He received his bachelor’s computer science degree in 2012.

Cody rose to prominence on Vine for his short comic routines.

He now has a YouTube account where he posts several videos, primarily evaluating and remarking on other YouTube and Instagram characters and videos.

He is buddies with famous Vine and YouTube sensation Noel Miller, with whom he frequently collaborates on commenting videos and makes music as the comic rap group Tiny Meat Gang.

On December 15, 2017, Tiny Meat Gang released the Hip-Hop musical album “Bangers & Ass,” On December 20, 2018, they delivered the Hip-Hop music album “Locals Only.”

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