James Heltibridle

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James Heltibridle

James Benjamin “Jimmy” Heltibridle was an American actor and artist born 29 November 1988 in the USA. He died 10th November 2016 at age 28 (born 1988). Cause of death not yet reported. His parents are Bruce Heltibridle- an artist at depicting surrealistic landscapes.

He worked extensively with more than 50 different artists and production designers in the field on projects Kill Your Friends (2015), Stoned Alone (2016) and The United States of Leland (2003).

Personal life of James

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James heltibridle provided for his family by working in the film industry. He was a very busy man and took on long hours of work, often through lack of childcare options that would allow him to care for them himself. Sometimes he brought his children with him when they were available, other times he left them with their life-partner at home while he went back to work. The sudden tragic end of James Heltibridle has been widely mourned by both cast and crewmembers, as well as many viewers who knew about his passing after watching the memorial episode dedicated him in season 7 episode 5(The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be).

Achievements of James

James Heltibridle’s first film was “The walking dead”, he became a production manager. There are rumors that he was not liked by most of the staff members because of his harshness and strictness over them, but there were also many people who loved him. He worked on many films after The walking dead including Zathura(2005), Along Came Polly(2004), Fred Claus(2007), etc. Recently, he worked on the show art department for the series “The Finder”(Amanda) and then had to take time off for personal reasons before returning to work in 2012 on season 2 episode 3, killing off his character. Heltibridle is most well known for his work on the 2003 film “The United States of Leland” and 2015’s “Kill Your Friends”. He worked, in some capacity, with over 50 different artists and production designers in the field.

James working as a producer

James has been working as a production manager since 2011. He became part of this zombie series to produce the third season in 2012 and ended up staying for seven seasons until 2016 when he retired. As part of his job, he made sure everything went smoothly during filming, keeping track of the timing so that scenes do not collide with each other and coordinating between film crews and technicians.

Before devoting himself to The Walking Dead series, he worked for several major productions such as: Terminator: Salvation (), 21 & Over (2013), at the same time, he was also production manager for The Vampire Diaries spin-off TV series. In this zombie series, James served as a production manager until his last day. It has been said that because of the high demands and pressure from this job, it became one of several reasons why producers decided to end his career in 2016.

Death of James Heltibridle

Production manager James Heltibridle died at 32 years old on Friday, after suffering a fatal heart attack at his home. This was confirmed by his family and former colleagues of The Walking Dead television series. According to reports, he was working as a production designer during the time of his death, which occurred 10 November 2016. He is survived by family members who are mostly involved in some form of art or production design.

Credit given to James by his co-stars

Following the unfortunate loss, tributes poured in on social media from co-stars and friends. The United States of Leland movie crew released this statement:

  • “James Heltibridle will be missed. He was a vital and important part of the USOL family and we were lucky to have him as long as we did. We send our condolences to his friends and family.”
  • Another one said: “James was such an amazing force on set – he really helped bring out the best in everyone. This is absolutely tragic.”
  • The production designer who most recently worked with Heltibridle on the film “Kill Your Friends” posted this message: “My final memory of James is working together at Pinewood studios, laughing, always laughing, smile through your tears.”
  • Whilst another vintage friend wrote, “I feel so fortunate I got to work with such a talented young guy. We all loved you so much.”

Rumors about James Heltibridle

After learning about the death of their colleague and friend, numerous actors and crew members mourned at Heltibridle’s passing on social media networks such as Face book and Twitter. Meanwhile, news sites reported that Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon) expressed his condolences through an Instagram post which featured a photo with him and Heltibridle smiling together during the filming of The Walking Dead. “He was such a sweet man with a huge heart, and he will be missed by many,” wrote Reedus in an official statement about his former colleague and good friend.

Funeral of James

The funeral for James is scheduled to be held on Wednesday at Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Clarita, California.

Net worth of James

Heltibridle had a net worth of $1 million, but unfortunately died at the age of 28. Noteworthy projects involving James include:

  • Kill Your Friends (2015)
  • Stoned Alone (2016)
  • The Wedding Ringer (2015)
  • Getaway (2014)
  • Nurse 3D (2013) [to be continued]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is James was a good man?

Yes, he was a good man. He remained busy in his work. But some people thought that he was a rude person.

  • How and when James died?

In 2016, because of sudden heart attack he died. At this time he was working for a film.