Airbrush Makeup

Unlike traditional makeup methods, airbrushing is much easier. When it was first introduced in the market, it was only accessible to makeup artists. This is because it is quite complicated to use, bulky and has a steep price, So people cannot afford it regularly. These were meant only for special occasions so that make-up could be done quickly. But now everything has changed. 

Nowadays, people can buy airbrushing at their homes. Even for wedding functions, airbrushes are used for the bride’s makeup. It is heavily utilised because of the flawless finish it gives to the customer. Nowadays, easy-to-use airbrushes are available, which you can use to do makeup at home using airbrushes. So in this article, we will explore everything about airbrushing makeup and the best airbrush for makeup in the market. 

What exactly is Airbrushing makeup?

Most people are not familiar with this term. So, that’s fine because it’s a new concept. Airbrushing makeup uses a sprayer to spread the foundation on the face; just like in traditional methods, we used to do foundation with brushes, fingers and sponges. But instead of these airbrushes, it utilises the sprayer, which gives a natural and clean look. The airbrush is made up of a compressor which provides it medical grade nozzle and tube along with controlled and smooth airflow. The Best airbrush for makeup is from luminess cosmetics. 

How is Airbrush Makeup Different? 

In an airbrush, compressed air can spray cosmetics such as foundation into the skin. It is most widely used in wedding day makeup as it provides a natural, smooth finish to the skin that can easily hide imperfections and blemishes. One more benefit of utilising airbrushing makeup is that it uses air deep inside the skin’s pores, enabling the makeup to set in the skin perfectly. Because of this, it is much better than traditional makeup. Also, it lasts for a longer time than ordinary makeup.

On the other hand, the traditional makeup method employs blenders, sponges and brushes. Whereas airbrushing can be done using a single tool. So you must be curious about what can be done using airbrushing. So you can do foundation, eyeshadow and even blush. So, in the end, you will get a natural and clean local for your big day. Whether you want to get ready for a date or wedding day, airbrush is with you. So you won’t have to worry about how you will look on your special date.

Working on the airbrush makeup machines 

Airbrushes differ based on the brand, but most likely, they are like spray machines that constantly spray air through a pen. During the airbrushing makeup, the machine is atomised and filled with pigmented makeup that gets sprayed into your skin, which is very similar to spray tanning. Most airbrushes consist of a stylus and compressor. There are two different types of air makeup kits. One is the professional kit, and the other is the at-home kit. Both have a distinct feature that makes them differently based on the model: supply mechanism and trigger action.  

Trigger Action

It means that the airbrush unit has two triggers. One is a single action unit in which the product released from the air gun is predetermined. So that makes it difficult to control the amount of makeup sprayed once the trigger is pulled.

 On the other hand, the double action is controlled via one hand, and the amount of makeup exerted by the machine and the Air flow can be controlled. One thing to note here is that the release of makeup depends on how much you have pulled the trigger.

Supply Mechanism

The products that are the makeup or foundation fed in the stylus may vary on the airbrush units used. Three supply mechanisms are used: side feed, gravity feed and bottom feed. The gravity mechanism is the most commonly used fed system as it is much more convenient for both beginners and experts. 

Pros and cons of airbrushing 

                                  PROS                                  CONS
It looks flawless on the skinNot easy to handle
It is good for bridal makeupA bit more costly than traditional makeup.
Convenient and easy to useSpecial types of foundations are used in the airbrush.
It does not spread on the clothes
Does not require a makeup artist
Easy to apply

Final thoughts 

With technological advancement, new products are being developed daily to make our life convenient. One such product is airbrushing. Airbrushing is used over traditional makeup as it is much more convenient and easier to use. People who want to apply makeup on their all can use this machine as it gives a natural and clean finish. Also, if you want, you can take the help of an airbrush makeup artist.