Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett

Known for his business success, Ed Mylett is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and a businessman. Besides being an author and a speaker, he also advises sports teams. Ed is estimated to be worth $500 million, making him one of the wealthiest men in the United States. There are many people who find inspiration in him. People are inspired by his positive attitude to live fulfilling lives. This article will describe Ed Mylett net worth, education, career, etc.

Childhood of Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett was born in California on April 27, 1971, but spent his childhood in Diamond Bar, California. The father of Ed was an engineer. While he has not yet revealed the names of his father and mother, the media knows that his father was an alcoholic, which caused their family to suffer greatly. Those were difficult days for him.

Education background

During his high school years, Ed attended Diamond Bar High School. Afterwards, he graduated from the University of Pacific with an undergraduate degree in communications. Baseball has always been one of Ed’s great passions. Playing baseball for the Pacific Tigers of the NCAA Division 1 helped him balance his studies and baseball career. During this time, he represented Intercollegiate Athletics California in baseball.

Family of Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett’s parents were natives of Diamond Bar, California. There are three sisters younger than him. The pacific tigers are an NCAA Division III baseball team he played for because he loves baseball. Despite becoming a professional athlete, Ed’s dream was shattered after he was injured. This led Ed to become depressed, which resulted in him giving up on life.

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As a result of his father’s job at Mckinley, he was able to assist underprivileged children. As a result of the experience, ED had a very different perspective. Having a desire to help those poor kids, he started a small business to provide for them.

Asserts of Ed Mylett

Three of Ed Mylett’s houses are his own. The place where he enjoys taking a morning walk the most is his Laguna Beach house. There are numerous exotic cars owned by the 400 millionaire owner of three jets, including a Ferrari, in addition to three jets.

He is a business magnate with other fantastic and grand ideas that anyone would be attracted to. Mylett has all the luxuries he wants without paying a cent in interest. He does not have any loans on his cars, houses, or planes. Ed Mylett is a real businessperson because he doesn’t like to flaunt his extravagant lifestyle like other businessmen do.

The author, Ed Mylett, believes strongly in maintaining both physical and psychological health. He also exercises, prays, and meditates as part of his daily routine.

Mylett enjoys playing golf. The golf club is where he spends a few hours of recreation every day. The book club is also one of Mylett’s favorite pastimes. His favorites are Anthony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.


After Ed graduates from college, he starts his career as a counselor for underprivileged boys. After that, he started working with the World Financial Group (WFG), a multi-level marketing company based in Duluth, Georgia.

He is a very strong leader because of his experience with capitalism and his ability to lead people. Thus, he was able to race up the organizational ladder.

In addition, within a few years, he was promoted to the top marketing director and then to head marketing.

A year later, in 2009, he was promoted to Senior Executive Vice Chairman. Therefore he was included in the top-level field leadership of the organization. Ed was inducted into the Millionaire Hall of Fame of the World Financial Group when he reached eight figures in income.

He founded the ED MYLETT SHOW business in 2016 to provide management consulting to the showbiz industry located in Laguna Beach, California.

YouTube career

A self-titled YouTube channel Ed Mylett was established in September 2013 on YouTube. He posted videos focused on personal development and self-improvement at the beginning of the channel.

A few years later, he started a podcast where he interviews successful people from various fields, such as business, health, sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment.

Throughout his podcasts, he strives to provide motivation, inspiration, and practical methods for improving one’s own life.

His YouTube channel has more than 580k subscribers, and he has posted more than 380 videos on it. Additionally, as well as YouTube, he also has podcasts available on Apple Music and Spotify.

The love life of Ed Mylett

The love life of Ed Mylett is very stable in terms of his martial arts. The Kristianna Mylett which was his longtime girlfriend, was later married to him. Their dating relationship began while they were in high school, and after they had been dating for a while, they married in 1997. After a short time, the couple became parents, having two children, Max and Bella.

Ed Mylett Net Worth

He had an income of almost $9,000,000 in his thirties. For his achievements, he was given entry into the WFG Millionaire Hall of Fame. The businessman was already among the wealthiest people in the world, but he wanted to remain anonymous. Mylett entered the realm of social media with the assistance of his buddy Tony Robbins and his son Max. As a result of his success, he gained popularity on social media.

A successful entrepreneur has estimated net worth in 2022 is $500 million. He also has other businesses that earn him a good amount of money, such as a podcast and providing business consulting services to his clients. His income is estimated to be about $40 million each year.

Book of Ed Mylett

In August 2018 the author published his book titled, “Max Out Your Life: Strategies for Becoming an Elite Performer.” The author published the book in May of 2015. With all the chances he had to get where he is now, Ed Mylett has shared stories of how he has reached the top of his career. In addition to sharing his ideas with aspiring entrepreneurs and business people, he motivates them not to give up.

Interesting facts about Ed Mylett

  • Kristianna Mylett, has two children.
  • Playing golf is one of Ed’s favorite pastimes, and he takes time from a busy schedule to play regularly.
  • Aside from writing, Ed is also a passionate reader.
  • While he used to play baseball, Ed received several American Nominations for his skills.

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