Car tyres are the only point of connection between the road and your vehicle, and they are the most valuable part, without which your car would not move. To secure the utmost safety during your rides, it is always recommended that you check your tyre pressure with the help of a pressure gauge and fill air in car tires if you find it flat.

But this process needs to be done correctly, so your vehicle tyres meet the factory-recommended tyre pressure that will help you head on to a smooth ride. However, in the case of flat tyres, you first need to inspect the reason behind them and repair them. Then use a foot pump or a tyre inflator as per your choice and inflate the tyre.

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Proper Way to Fill Air in Car Tires:

An optimum level of air inflation in the tyres helps the driver maximise the gas mileage and make driving smoother and more efficient. Below are the steps you must follow to fill the air inside your car tyres. 

Check The Tyre Pressure Using A Gauge:

This is the first step towards filling the air inside your tyre. Grab a tyre pressure gauge and check the current pressure of your car tyres. Remember to check the pressure of all the tyres. This helps you to determine how much air you need to fill inside it to make it according to the factory’s recommended level. You can quickly get the recommended PSI of your vehicle tyres in the user manual of your car. 

Get Hold Of A Tyre Inflator Or A Foot Pump:

Once you have inspected the air you need to pump in; it’s time to head on to your action. To fill air into your tyres, you can either use a foot pump or a tyre inflator. It would be best if you put in more effort with foot pumps, while a tyre inflator offers you the easiest way to inflate your flat tyres.

Ensure That Your Tyres Are Cold:

To take the correct reading from the pressure gauge, you must ensure that your car is only driven for a short time. You can perform the job early in the morning to get the correct reading. Hot tyres will provide incorrect readings and complicate inflating your tyres.

Remove The Valve Stem Caps:

Open the valve stem cap and ensure that you keep the cap in a safe place, as you will again need it after inflating your tyre. Remove the stem cap once you are ready to inflate your tyre and you have already grabbed your tyre inflator. This will help you to keep the small cap in the right place, lessening the tendency of losing it.

Start Inflating Your Tyres:

Once everything is ready and you have opened the valve stem cap, turn on your tyre inflator and press the tip of the pump to the air valve. Ensure you listen to a rush of air as the inflator inflates the tyre. If you hear a wild spraying sound of the air, you need to check that the pump is steady and press it again.

Adjust The Pressure As Needed:

Be patient while inflating the tyres; a foot pump will require more time to inflate the tyres than a tyre inflator. Check the tyre pressure once the process of inflating your tyre is over. Most cars need a psi between 30-35. Again take your tyre pressure gauge and check whether it’s within the factory-recommended level. Release some air if you feel that your tyre is overinflated. Over-inflated tyres will do no good but hamper a smooth journey.

Tighten The Valve Stem Cap:

Once you are done, it’s time to put the valve stem cap back in its original place. Ensure that it is tightened so that it can prevent the escape of air. Otherwise, it will again go flat, and you will have to repeat the process.

Final Thoughts:

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