gta 5 zr380

GTA 5 ZR380

The vehicle is a two-door sports car with ballistic protection and riveting details all over the body. The car’s forward end includes:

  • A graphite breaker with smaller fins on the outside borders.
  • A prolonged rectangular grille/intake in the center.
  • Two small casings beside it with round headlamps and curved parts on the outer sides.

The headlight casings are protected by armor plates on the upper region, with a small hole on the driver’s side, and the hood has two ventilated panels.

Internal structure of ZR380

The automobile has wide over fenders on the sides, black rims and exit holes at front bumpers and the back end of the rear fenders, and sleek vertical knobs on the doorways. The windscreen on the greenhouse section is guarded with a massive armor plate that exposes small patches for view, comparable to the Kuruma (Armored). In contrast, the sides window has rally netting and a rectangular mirror wing trimmed in black and carbon fiber. There’s also a large roof sweep, vented panels on the cabin’s back sections, and black louvers over the rear windshield. Default has installed a minor spoiler in the back area.


The car’s rear end features the Annis emblem in the center and red brake lights on the external surface, hidden mainly by black shields. The region beneath has a designated port for the license plate and dark round exit ducts next to it, while the base has a large dispersion, an F1-style braking light in the center, and dual engine components.

The automobile’s inside included race-style elements drawn from cars such as the RE-7B and the ETR1, such as metallic floors, several switchgear on the dashboards, and a racer fuel tank below the seats. The numbers are inspired by cars such as the Sultan and the Kuruma, and the Annis symbol can be found on the steering column.

Color scheme

The primary color is used on the majority of the vehicle’s structure, interiors, and over stitches. In contrast, the subsidiary color is used on the lower headlamp homes, over fenders, roof scooped, and inner doors and windows frame. It employs low-profile Fukaru tires and has the same rim construction as the Verlierer. The rim can also be customized with a specific color, fixed to yellow on bought models.

The interior of the seats also has a trim color option, a default set to black but not accessible. An accent colour can be chosen for the dials, the inner door frames, the opening on the driver-side housing plate, the point on the upper windscreen plate, and various rim component parts.

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The ZR380 performs remarkably well for a sports vehicle. It has a high top speed and firm steering, but its speed is subpar due to the mass of its armor pieces. The strengthened chassis provides good damage resistance while maintaining average ramming characteristics.

While the hood is covered, customization can eliminate it, showing a dual Inline-4 engine with the word “Annis” stamped on the covers. It also has two cooling intake systems originating from the car’s top grille. It also includes a 6-speed transmission, rear-wheel drive, and a soundtrack akin to vehicles like the Verlierer and the ETR1.


  • This vehicle is compatible with both “Jump” and “Shunt” mods. The Jump mods have three levels of efficacy and are triggered by pressing the horn control. When activated, the vehicle, like the Ruiner 2000 and Scramjet, will be propelled through the air. The Shunt mods enable the automobile to shunt to the edge.
  • Boost enhancements can be placed on the car. This could be used to increase the traffic density significantly. It can be used continuously while driving a motor vehicle, but it should be fully charged for optimum performance.

Weapons in ZR380

Ram Weapons, such as scoops and knives, can be installed on the vehicle. The ram armament functions similarly to the upgraded insides and ramrods of the RCV and Armored Boxville, dealing significant damage to opposing vehicles and frequently throwing them fly into mid-air with no or minor loss against the car itself no harm to the vehicle’s engine. It really should be mentioned that the efficiency against all other gamers is significantly reduced when contrasted to NPCs and their cars.

The ZR380 can be outfitted with two automatic weapons that perform other front-mounted automatic weapons found on armed opposition land vehicles. While it does well against many targets, it suffers against fully armored vehicles. There is a tiny tilt to the passenger seat due to the uneven installation, which has little to no effect on its actual quality over medium and longer ranges.

Affinity Mines can be installed on the automobile. Unlike the Military weapon Vehicles introduced in the Gun smuggling version, the ZR380, like all Arena Cars inside the Arena War update, provides five Proximity Mine options: Kinetic, Spike, Electromagnetic Pulse, Slick, and Adhesive;

  • The Kinetic option (orange flashlight) generates a small momentum that spreads many meters across the region, sending people and vehicles flying. Both players and cars suffer little harm as a result of the impetus.
  • The Spike option (dark blue flashing light) explodes the tires of vehicles that pass over it or close it, as well as causing some damage to the car, primarily to the windows, but causing no further harm or force. The mine does not blow up vehicles equipped with Bulletproof Tires.
  • When traveling over the car, the EMP option (bright blue flashing light) disables its electronics. The accelerators, brakes, steering, radio, and other amenities are deactivated for around five seconds before being reactivated. It also inflicts slight damage to opponents. In a bit of notice above the radar, the client will be informed of who damaged their vehicle.
  • The Slick option (green flashlight) causes a significant quantity of oil on the surface to rupture, forcing vehicles driving over it to lose control. This does not affect either cars or players.
  • The Sticky option (purple flashing light) releases a massive amount of sticky stuff on the ground, slowing vehicles traveling over it. This does not affect either vehicles or players.

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