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Guide: What Colors Suit Your Skin Tone?

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Clothes can make or break our personality and so we are constantly trying to look good. While there are several fabrics and colors to choose from, deciding which colors to prefer can become a bit of a struggle. It may be the case that your wardrobe is full of clothes but all in similar shades and so you might feel like you need to revamp your wardrobe. You might ask yourself why is that that you get attracted to only certain shades. And do only these shades look good on me?

While all of us want to try all the shades, our budget may simply not allow it. Therefore, it is always a good idea to know all the colors that will definitely look good on you. A few years back, I ordered a Mehndi dress for bride from Maria.B., and the color really resonated with my skin tone.

To help you pick clothing items that look good on you, here is a quick and easy guide.   

Determine Your Skin Undertone

Knowing your skin’s undertone is very important before choosing clothes. To determine the skin undertone, just check out the color of your eyes, hair, skin, and wrists.

If you have lighter hair, blue or grey-colored eyes, pale skin, and blue veins, then you are cool-toned. If you have dark-colored hair and eyes, dark skin, and green veins, then you are warm-toned. But if you don’t fall within these two categories, then you are neutral-toned.  

Warm Undertone:

There are two variations of warm tones. You can either have dark or very dark skin.

  1. Very Dark

If you have very dark-colored skin, make sure that your wardrobe is stacked with fiery colors like bright orange, blue, yellow, white, honey gold, and gemstone tones. Paired with light makeup and copper or brass jewelry, these colors are sure to make you shine bright like a diamond!

  1. Dark

If you have dark skin, go for colors like pink, yellow, white and jewel tones. If you planning to attend an event in the evening, be sure to pair your clothes with gold jewelry to create the perfect look.

Neutral Undertone:

Within the neutral skin tone range, you can either have medium and dusky colored skin.

  1. Medium

The best thing about having a medium skin tone is that you can wear minimal makeup with your dress and still look gorgeous. So, if you are already blessed, wear colors like pink, blue, mustard, green, purple and pale yellow to turn heads. Don’t be afraid of trying accessories made of different materials because nothing can go wrong on medium skin tone except copper. 

  1. Dusky

Rock that dusky color with folksy tones like green, olive, blue, pink, beryl, and maroon. Wear white or yellow metallic jewelry on a date with these colors to look absolutely ravishing. 

Cool Undertone:

The two variations of this undertone are fair and very fair. 

  1. Fair

Keep a good collection of clothes with shades of golden, red, brown, blonde and strawberry in your wardrobe. Wear white gold jewelry with a red dress if you are going on a date or an elegant platinum pendant if you are visiting your parent’s house. Remember to stay away from fancy designs as these can overpower your look. 

  1. Very Fair

If you have very fair-colored skin, wear pale shades of pink, yellow, blue, green and purple or you can also opt for sapphire or emerald tones if you want to go for something bold. Pair these bold colors with silver jewelry to look voguish and chic.

Which Colors Go Well With All Skin Tones?

While it is best that you pick colors according to your skin tone, sometimes you can get lazy and may just want to wear the first thing you see in your wardrobe. Keep a good collection of clothes in red, black and light pink colors to save yourself on such days. They look amazing and stylish on everyone. You just have to pair these clothes with the best-suited blazers and jackets and Voila! You’ll have the perfect look in no time.  

Final Words

Creating the perfect outfit every day is not an easy job. Besides choosing the clothing styles that will look good on you, you have to choose the right colors as well. And it all can be very overwhelming. Back in college, I just refrained from wearing a black kurta before finding it out through an online guide that it perfectly suits my skin color and body shape. So, spend your money wisely and choose colors that make you look mesmerizing and stunning every time you head out.

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