Orthopedics is one of the common terms, but many patients need clarification about the services an orthopedic provides. The first question is when you require the services of orthopedics and where you can find the best orthopedic care provider. The specialty is a highly valued resource for bone and joint pain patients. Dr. Vishal A Mehta, the orthopedic Jersey City of Complete Medical wellness, is a board-certified surgeon with many specialties that can help you eliminate joint pain. Schedule an appointment at (877)-241-2772 or visit www.completemedicalwellness.com.  

Seeing an orthopedic specialist helps identify the root cause of your problems and provides an effective treatment plan. 

Who is an orthopedic care provider? 

After completing the medical degree, orthopedics gains additional education and training on the musculoskeletal system, especially the nerves, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. All of these organs are necessary for routine living and daily movement.  

Orthopedic conditions are common, and the specialty’s demand is higher. A variety of chronic conditions and injuries fall into this category of medicine. 

  1. Broken bone 
  2. Back pain  
  3. Joint dislocation  
  4. Hip pain  
  5. Arthritis  
  6. Muscular sprains and strains  
  7. Torn ligaments  
  8. Tumors  
  9. Injuries and accidents 
  10. Age-related problems  
  11. Chronic conditions  like tendonitis

Orthopedic care provides help to patients with degenerative, acute, and chronic pain conditions. You must visit an orthopedic specialist if the patient is suffering from any pain problem, discomfort, or limited motion range related to the musculoskeletal system. 

Orthopedic subspecialties  

Often, orthopedic care providers are sub-specialized in specific areas of treatment. For example, if you experience wrist or hand pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, you must visit an orthopedic surgeon focusing on wrists and hands. You must talk to a joint specialist if you have hip or knee pain. The types of orthopedic subspecialties are 



Wrist and hand 

Ankle and foot 



Elbow and shoulder 

Meeting an orthopedic with sub-specialties means expecting next-level precision in diagnosis and treatment. A care provider with deep knowledge about specific body part provides unique insights and help in preventing disorders.  

What to expect from an orthopedic? 

The services of orthopedics with specific categories perform treatments in these steps. 


Every healthcare provider’s initial and primary focus is to identify the root cause of the condition that causes discomfort and pain. Orthopedic healthcare providers gather the history of physical injury through physical examination, digital imaging, or diagnostic testing. 

Injury treatment. 

If an accident happens that cause injury to your joints or bone, the orthopedic surgeon provides treatment for the injury. Orthopedics can treat different conditions and provide different treatment forms, including accidents, sports injuries, and other injuries.  

Improvement in range of motion 

An orthopedic focuses on reducing pain and optimizing functions up to the possible level. If you experience pain, stiffness, and swelling, occur it affects your range of motion, making it hard to perform daily tasks. The healthcare provider will improve the range of motion, positively affecting your lifestyle. 

Chronic Conditions  

Suppose you are suffering from a chronic condition that worsens over time, like a degenerative or autoimmune disease. For example, patients with arthritis and osteoporosis can benefit from orthopedic care services.  


The orthopedic care provider also helps in injury prevention. Overuse injuries are common in athletic activities or specific careers. An orthopedic care provider suggests preventing injuries through training regimens, physical therapy, or protective equipment.  

Comprehensive care from an orthopedic surgeon  

Not all orthopedic care providers are the surgeon. But all the orthopedic surgeons are orthopedic healthcare. If you experience an orthopedic specialist, they are specifically qualified in diagnosis, assessment, and treat your condition using minimally-invasive treatment. 

Orthopedic care providers of Complete Medical Wellness are qualified and experienced in different specialties. They offer minimally-invasive therapies first and before surgery.