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The usage of a sleeve box is vastly adopted by electronic gadget by firms. But, they are useful for several other products as well. Let’s know about some of those.

The aesthetics of a sleeve box are incomparable with any other packaging solution because of its unique unboxing. The inner tray and moveable sleeve are both designed with sturdy rigid or fluted cardboard and eco-friendly kraft paper material. It ensures protection along with increasing product presentation. Brands can get their logo or any other design embedded in the top wall by utilizing the die-cutting, embossing, or debossing features. The addition of features like foiling, scoring, and labels over it further enhance the standing of products. These display and safety parameters make them a perfect option for both the retail and eCommerce sectors. The bulky printing process gets completed on time and with premium quality using the technologies like lithography and digital printing. Finishing options like gloss and matte are then utilized to protect the print and enhance its appeal. An embellishment of the add-ons at the end turns them into a perfect gift item as well, if required over the seasonal events.

Engaging design and several beneficial functionalities have made the sleeve box a perfect option for electronic gadgets like mobiles and watches. People love their unique unboxing experience, presentation, and the safety they provide to products. However, their usage is not limited to electronic gadgets only. It is good and beneficial enough for the following items as well and can become a source to thrive these industries.

Luxury footwear’s

People always take time in the selection of footwear for a smooth and comfortable experience during the walk, running, dancing, or playing sports. Therefore, people prefer buying luxury shoes for this purpose. The sleeve boxes are a perfect option for the brands to present such expensive shoes with the same royal presentation. People can quickly see their favourite shoes from the store by grabbing the inner tray out. Moreover, the cardboard material keeps them protected from moisture and dust. People can keep their favourite unseasoned shoes inside this packaging for future use over special occasions. 

Ties and cufflinks

Both the ties and cufflinks are such items that complete the suiting and add a charm to the human personality. People always buy a pair of studs and beautiful ties whenever they head to the shopping malls. Sleeve box packaging is hugely utilized for both of these items. A huge variety of these items is available in the market according to the personality and choice of people. Installing a transparent window cut-out on the surface of this packaging solution will allow people to decide between their desired options more quickly without wasting time. 

Usage for clothing items

Another purpose for which these sleeve boxes wholesale can serve is for clothing items. Presenting beautiful shirts, pants, leggings, or other formal and casual suiting in the square size box with the hinged lids is not a good idea. Only the packaging with the tray and sleeve phenomenon can add value to such products. Wrapping the clothes inside the parchment paper or custom tissues with the logo of brands inside these boxes further makes these items presentable. Meanwhile, brands can gain marketing advantages by printing promotional stuff over the widely available space on this packaging. 

Bakery products

The sleeve boxes in the UK are widely used in the baking industry. So, this is completely wrong to say that this packaging is only good for electronic gadgets. It can serve a variety of baked items like cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins, or pizza. People can easily grab the items like cookies or muffins from the packaging with sleeves more than any other type. Even the cookies come in several flavours, and people do not have to take all of them out to taste one with a particular taste and flavour

Expensive jewellery items

Expensive gold, diamond, and artificial jewellery are in high demand for fashion. People love to gift jewellery items over the occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other achievements. Businesses related to the sale of jewels can customize sleeve boxes that could easily serve people to buy gift-ready jewellery items. Usage of the inserts inside will keep the fancy jewellery items at their fixed position and will make them more presentable. Moreover, ribbons or other such add-ons can also be attached to make them a box full of surprises.

Usage as soap packaging

Several startups are coming into the soap production industry and usually start their business with the minimum resources. So, therefore, they have to opt for such options and techniques that could market their business without spending much money. Most of the startups are using sleeve boxes in the UK for this purpose. The benefit of using it is that people can easily see the texture of soaps and can smell their fragrances. This phenomenon inspires them to give it a try to the soaps. Availing of this perk is impossible by using any other options like plastic packaging or any other design made with cardboard. 

Concluding the effectiveness of a sleeve box for other industries is not difficult by going through so many advantages. It provides the same presentation and safety as all these items as it is effective for electronic gadgets like mobile, watches, bands, headphones, laptops, or other such accessories. Brands can customize it according to their needs and the size of the products.

How do you measure a box sleeve?

Measuring a box sleeve requires careful attention to detail to ensure accurate results. The first step is to determine the length, width, and height of the box itself. Once you have these dimensions, you can then measure the dimensions of the box sleeve.

To measure the length of the box sleeve, place one end of the measuring tape at the top of the sleeve and extend it to the bottom of the sleeve. Record this measurement. To measure the width of the sleeve, place one end of the measuring tape at the open end of the sleeve and extend it to the closed end. Record this measurement as well.

Finally, measure the height of the sleeve by placing one end of the measuring tape at the bottom of the sleeve and extending it to the top of the sleeve. Record this measurement as well.

Once you have recorded all three measurements, you can compare them to the dimensions of the box itself to ensure that the sleeve will fit properly. Measuring a box sleeve accurately is important to ensure that it provides the necessary protection to the contents of the box during transport or storage.