With technological advancement, most companies run Oracle Solutions in their organisation today. Therefore, if you have an Oracle Cloud certification, you can get jobs in some renowned companies worldwide. The certification proves an individual’s competency in Java, Database, MySQL, Linux, and Oracle Cloud and applications. You can choose either of the following certification paths to becoming a certified and highly qualified IT manager.

13 Oracle Certification to Boost Your Career Path in IT Firm

Oracle has more than 200 unique credentials and six certification levels that cover nine different areas.

  1. Oracle Cloud Certification and Applications

This certification is designed to teach individuals how to use Oracle solutions in the workplace. It has 60 subtypes, and multiple certified expert credentials are available. 

  1. Oracle Database Certifications

The Oracle database certification is for those candidates who want to learn about the Oracle database. This certification has three subdivisions: MySQL, Database Application Development, and Oracle Database. Whenever there is a new update, Oracle notifies about it on the website. Therefore, opt for the latest version from their portal if you plan to take this certification. 

  1. Oracle Enterprise Management Certifications

This certification proves the professional’s skills in Oracle solutions. If enrolled in this Microsoft Certification at the best educational website like Koenig Solutions, the professional will help you get hands-on training in dealing with IT problems. 

  1. Oracle Database Foundations Certified Junior Associate

This course is designed for beginner-level professionals who want to develop their skills in Oracle solutions. The individuals can learn about different database components and models within this certification. 

  1. Oracle Certified Associate – Oracle Database 12C Administrator

This certification is for entry-level professionals. During this OCA certification course, the professionals learn about managing, backing up, and recovering databases. This certification is a good start for individuals who want to know about Oracle Solutions from the core. 

  1. Oracle Certified Associate – Oracle Database 12CR2 Administrator

After computing the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate certification, candidates can opt for this certification to get better recognition in the market and enhance their skills in the Oracle database. It is one of the best certifications for beginners.

  1. Oracle Certified Professional – Oracle Database 12C Administrator

This certification assesses the candidate’s understanding of database tasks, features, and functions. Besides, it teaches them to perform real-life lab activities and prepares them for workplace settings. 

  1. Oracle Certified Master – Oracle Database 12C Administrator

This certification is quite more challenging than the other Oracle certifications. However, passing this certification test will demonstrate that you have a master-level knowledge of Cloud computing. You can sign up for the Oracle training at one of the best educational platforms like Koenig Solutions to get adequate preparation for this certification test. 

  1. Oracle Certified Expert – Oracle Database 12C

This certification is meant for those who want to learn about Oracle Net services. This expert-level Oracle Java certification will help you rank higher than other employees. Besides, it will make you eligible for well-salaried jobs. 

  1. Oracle Database Certified Implementation Specialist

This certification is for those who showcase an excellent understanding of the Oracle database 12C solutions and knows the techniques to sell and implement these solutions. This is also a well-recognised certification by Oracle. This certificate will improve your chances of getting into the best IT firms worldwide. 

  1. Oracle Industry certifications

This certification is formulated for candidates who want to learn about Oracle industry products. This is a crucial Oracle SQL certification, and getting one can open up new career opportunities for candidates in the IT organisation. 

  1. Oracle Java and Middleware Certifications

This certification is provided to those candidates who show the desired skills for the Middleware training. You can take up this certification from Koenig Solution to get adequate training for the certification exam. 

  1. Oracle Operating Systems Certifications

This certification demonstrates that the professionals have a deeper understanding of the Oracle Operating system. 

What are the different levels of Oracle certification?

Oracle offers a comprehensive certification program for individuals who want to demonstrate their proficiency in various Oracle technologies and products. The program consists of several levels of certifications that validate the knowledge and skills of professionals at different stages of their careers.

The entry-level certification is known as the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), which measures a candidate’s basic knowledge and skills in Oracle technologies. It typically requires passing one or two exams, and it is an excellent starting point for professionals who are new to Oracle.

The next level is the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), which validates a candidate’s advanced knowledge and skills in Oracle technologies. It requires passing several exams, including a hands-on performance-based exam that assesses the candidate’s ability to complete real-world tasks in Oracle products.

The highest level of certification is the Oracle Certified Master (OCM), which is designed for experts who have extensive experience in Oracle technologies. It requires passing a rigorous hands-on exam that assesses the candidate’s ability to solve complex problems and design advanced solutions using Oracle products.

Overall, the Oracle certification program is an excellent way for professionals to showcase their expertise and advance their careers in Oracle technologies. It provides a clear path for individuals to develop their skills, gain recognition for their achievements, and demonstrate their value to employers.


With these Oracle certifications, you can enhance your resume and chances of getting recognised as an Oracle Solution expert. Besides, this certification can provide you a higher salary than the other employees in the same position. Furthermore, you might advance in your career faster than others and take up responsible projects in the future. You might also stand out in the market for your skills and expertise. 

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