Why We Should Go For Solar-Powered Outdoor Cameras Than Others

Security concerns are increasing with the increase in the crime rate across the globe. It is tough to have different security guards for every household as the finances of the majority of the population cannot afford a personal guard.

Technology understood the problem, introduced a security method to prevent the rise of crimes worldwide, and introduced security cameras. The cameras can record whosoever may enter or leave a place at any time, so criminals become conscious and criminal activities are curbed.

Nowadays, we have cameras in every street and household for the residents to be secure. There are many technological advancements made in the field of security cameras, one of which we will discuss in this article.

What are Outdoor solar Cameras?

Outdoor solar or solar panel cameras are security cameras that utilize solar power to operate. They do not require external electricity and are self-sufficient. The sunlight energy they store during the day is enough to last them through the dark.

Usually, outdoor solar cameras are wireless and sold in bulk. They come with a solar panel and rechargeable battery that store enough energy to run for a day or even longer.

Seven ways outdoor solar cameras are better than traditional security cameras

Solar-powered cameras are now found on every street or road. They have completely replaced the traditional cameras at the countrywide level. Here is a list of ways why solar cameras are preferred over traditional ones;

1. Eco-friendly

Humans have damaged the environment in the worst possible ways in the past century. Urbanization has removed vast forest areas. The electricity produced is also a significant source of pollution since most of the production is through burning fossil fuels.

Solar camera, on the other hand, operates on solar energy, a renewable energy source. They remove any concern about global warming—every watt of electric power matters. We must conserve as much as possible so that we do not run out of resources and experience dooms the day before doomsday.

2. Flexible location

The traditional cameras are bound to be near an electricity source, so it is challenging to fix them at the required positions away from the electricity source. Contrary to this, solar-powered cameras are wireless, so they can be easily set at any desired location without much stress or worry.

3. Power cuts

The electric-powered security cameras can lose their functionality when there is a power cut. Many crimes were conducted due to this problem. There will be a record once the electricity is restored.

Solar outdoor cameras work even when the sun is not there since they can store enough energy to be functional for a long time. With outdoor solar cameras, the ultimate goal of 24/7 security can be achieved.

4. Fast Installation

The DIY outdoor solar power wireless cameras are quickly installed at any desired location. Different from the other options, they do not have to be connected to the electrical wiring and all the complex work concerned with it.

The best thing about these cameras is that they can be planted at a location quickly and removed with the same ease to be reinstalled at some other place. This is particularly important to construction sites that experience common thefts. Still, the traditional security
camera system could not be installed because of the complex handling and lack of electric wiring.

5. Easy scaling

The solar-powered security cameras allow you to scale quickly if you want to add two or three more cameras later. The camera system is very convenient as one can monitor the activity from each camera on their mobile phone or other gadgets connected no matter the distance.

6. Greater life span

Unlike traditional options, outdoor solar cameras can last up to 25 years. If any problem affects their functionality during these 25years, you can use the warranty card to get them repaired for free from the company itself. Even after 25 years of use, the efficiency of the cameras will stay below 80%.

7. One time investment

Solar cameras are a one-time investment since they are low maintenance and do not require electricity, so there are no power consumption charges and low electricity bills. On the other hand, the traditional options must be repaired frequently and require power consumption adding up to your bill.