On-Demand App

On-demand economies impact supply chains and how consumers view them as the demand for new technologies rises. Consumer behaviour and technical innovation have shaped the new economy over time.

Customers like modern on-demand delivery techniques over real-time delivery.

Internet businesses engaged in this fight are transforming a number of industries. On-demand companies in the food, grocery, and healthcare industries are rapidly expanding thanks to the integration of new technology.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and give a competitive edge, you must integrate the essential features to benefit your users. 

The blog has mentioned the top five features you can consider in your on-demand app development.

5 Essential Features You Should Integrate into Your On-Demand App Development

  • Interactive User Interface

The primary feature you should consider in your on-demand app is an interactive user interface with smooth user accessibility. With the help of app professionals, you can design your app as per your business requirements and ensure to place the menu bar is within the user’s reach.

Your on-demand mobile app must have easy user accessibility where they can easily find the menu bar in less time. Additionally, an on-demand app must have excellent customer support and different social media integrations for a smoother experience. Most importantly, your app must allow the users to log in through their existing email ID or OTP.

  • Multiple Payment Modes

The next must-have feature for your on-demand app is multiple payment modes to maximize the conversion rate and minimize the abandonment rate. Make sure your on-demand app has globally accepted payment gateways so that users can simply make payments through their preferred mode. 

Apart from it, the payment method should be secure & safe as users share their information, like credit/debit card details, home address, or mobile number. You can implement online payment processing, like PayPal or Stripe to deliver an excellent user experience. 

  • Search Filter

A search filter is a significant feature you can integrate into your on-demand app to expand the user base. Assist the users by listing all the goods & services as per the user preferences and eliminate unnecessary queries.  

You can add an auto-suggestion in the search filter for a smooth user experience, which will result in your app’s success. As a result, you will get better brand loyalty and more user retention. 

  • Customer Support

Delivering a great user experience is the ultimate goal for every business owner as it contributes to a successful business. So, if you want to reap huge profits for your business, you must provide customer support that creates a sustainable user base. 

The best way to solve users’ queries or respond instantly is through email, live chat, or a phone call. In short, if you want an increased ROI for your business, you should provide chat support for user convenience. 

  • Live Tracking

Last but not least, a feature you should include in your on-demand app is live tracking of goods & services ordered by the user. It gets satisfying for users to keep track of their orders and when they will get them delivered. In a nutshell, a live tracking feature in the on-demand app results in user satisfaction. 


If you want to retain the potential users of your on-demand app for a longer time, you must consider adding all the features mentioned above for a great UX. 

You can hire an on-demand app development company for assistance from the app professionals and get your app delivered on time. 

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