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Top Career Opportunities after Clearing IPMAT Exams

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Jawad Ali

IPMAT examination is a national-level aptitude test for aspirants conducted by IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak to get admission into these two IPM courses. IPM program of these two top institutes offers a chance to earn a BBA degree. Candidates are selected on the basis of overall performance in Aptitude tests and personal interviews. Students who wish to crack the exam must join the best IPMAT coaching in Guwahati.

Career Opportunities After Clearing the IPMAT Examination

The IPMAT exam is the step to enter IIM Rohtak and IIM Indoor to pursue an IPM course. It is an integrated program in Management and is of five years. The program is designed for students who have passed their 12th. The two recognized institutes offer the course and aim to develop competent management professionals, change agents, and outstanding; leaders. The course offers an excellent chance for young candidates who wish to make a career in Management. The program will help students to get into the field of Management earlier than others and also aids them in overall personality development, and also bring social awareness. To pursue the IPM course, students must join the best coaching, like Chaitanya academy offering the best IPMAT exam coaching. After passing the exam, you can join the IPM course to make a career in Management. Below are the top career options After cracking the IPMAT examination :

1. Marketing Manager

After cracking the IPMAT exam, students get an integrated degree from IIM. with a degree in hand; they can work as a marketing manager. Their main work is to create brand awareness, expand brand reach and promote the company’s products or services to the target audience. Their responsibility is to communicate the brand story and raise product awareness. They also manage the internal team and design and plan the company’s marketing and sales campaigns.

2. Sales Manager

IPMAT coaching in Guwahati will help you achieve your dream carer in Management. With an IPM degree, you can work as a sales manager and be responsible for the company’s sales and team supervision. Not only design sales strategies, but your job also includes designing campaigns and building relationships with clients and business partners. Their role is to acquire and to collaborate with product development as well as a marketing team to boost customer brand engagement and drive sales.

3. Financial Manager

After cracking IPMAT with the help of Chaitanya Academy, the best IPMAT coaching in Guwahati, you can work as a financial manager. Your work is to manage all finance-related matters in top companies and have to develop short and long-term goals to achieve them. Your work is to create detailed financial reports, implement strategies for budgeting and forecasting, etc.

4. Computer and Information Systems

With an MBA degree in hand, after clearing the IPMAT exam, students can work as computer and information systems managers and are in charge of the company’s technology functions and requirements. You work as an IT manager who works closely with top executives to determine their computer and IT requirements.

5. Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers are professionals who focus on building and maintaining a favorable public image for employers and clients. After clearing IPMAT, you fit this job role and can create, plan and oversee the campaigns and content to enhance the company’s public image. Their work is to create a brand image that can help the brand grow, and they must also have skills to manage the budget.

6. HR Manager

Another best career option after cracking the IPMAT exam is to become an HR manager. Your job is to direct and manage a company’s human resources and work as a link between its top management executive and its staff. The work of the HR manager is to plan recruitment, interview, and retain employees.

To crack the IPMAT exam with a good score, joining the best IPMAT coaching in Guwahati is best. After clearing the exam, you make a seat at the best management institutes in India for the IPM program.

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