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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Saira Farman

As you know that 2023 has started and you need to upgrade your wardrobe with nice staples that truly define you. If you are looking to fill out your wardrobe with great ethnic wear, you are at the right place because we have the 2023 lookbook that you will love and you can wear the whole year with your comfort. The season has come and you can choose your favorite picks that you love to wear and will flourish with these. Plain velvet fabric can be one of your choices and you can play with decorating it with lace, zari, or other embellishments for a more versatile look. 

Black Embroidered Velvet Choga

You can start playing with different colors, pleats, and styles for an instant wardrobe upgrade. If you are looking for a more versatile look, take a look at the florals. For a more traditional approach, go for heavy embellishment set in deep greens and red to set the tone right. All it takes is a few elements that go well together to create great plain velvet fabrics outfits as your wardrobe staples. Take a look at all the styles that ensure to stay you on top. 

Pink Cotton Lace Kurta

Crafted in the most regal fabrics of all time, velvet comes in an evergreen shade of black that is most suitable for your wardrobe and gives a feeling of timelessness. The intricate embroidery design can be best complemented with a pair of silk pants that enhances your look. The embroidery work on the staple is a touch of elegance and channelizes a traditional appeal. Look for this stunning outfit if you are going to a dinner party or a grand family get-together. This embracing look will invite the new year with open arms in style to impress the people around you. Your style is a reflection of you and investing in the number is going to define your style. Shop this look and keep going with this outfit for your celebration of love and light.

Green Dabu Hand Block Printed Cotton Suit

Love this style? Check out such pieces that deserve to become your favorite this year. With the new year, it’s time to look at new styles that suit your taste and style. Bring your fashion game and get a great design that will make you outstanding at the event. Whatever you have planned for the year, make it count with our versatile range of styles that you love to wear this season and for festivities.

Maroon Blue Bagru Printed Cotton Suit

We have a list of picks that will last through this year and beyond if you plan to try this year. Make the most of these to cherish moments of fashion in life. Here is a list of all the things that will work for your attire this year for looking good. Look below to find whatever you aspire to this year. You can look for plain georgette fabric outfits with heavy embellishments this year to make a lasting impression on guests at the party. 

Decision Time

Lots of fashion attires are available online for your comfort. Make sure that you are choosing the right fabric to make your day special. Today, a wide range of ethnic wear is available for dressing that you must try. You can choose from plain georgette fabrics to heavily embellished velvet lehenga for shining in the event and can surprise everyone with your outfit. Fashion is all that inspires you for your preferred attire to flaunt at the function.