How to Increase Sales Online and Grow Your eCommerce Business

Over the past ten years, shopping website development has skyrocketed, and the epidemic has accelerated its growth at an unprecedented rate. Consumers spent more than $861 billion with American shops online in 2020, a 44% increase over 2019. This year, the global eCommerce market will be worth $4.9 trillion. 10% of all retail sales are generated by e-commerce, which is expected to rise at a 15% annual rate.

According to estimates, there are over 24 million eCommerce websites. There is a lot of competition, but with the right tactics and a strong growth strategy in place, you can bring in high-quality traffic, convert new visitors into repeat customers, and achieve eCommerce success.

This article discusses two strategies for growing an eCommerce business, regardless of the products or services you sell. First, we’ll go over 11 methods for increasing sales, all of which you can put into action right away.

Best Strategies for Increasing eCommerce Sales through eCommerce website development

A game plan is required to increase your online sales. Here are 11 different strategies to get you on the winning track.

Conduct Campaigns Using Taboola

Consumers enjoy learning about new brands and products from reliable sources. Running native ad campaigns through a native advertising platform, such as Taboola, allows you to leverage the credibility of popular publications and get your brand in front of new audiences. This allows you to target your ideal customer and show them your content in an authentic, non-intrusive way while they are primed to engage with it.

Increase Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness entails getting people to discover and recognize your brand in the future and for an apt website, you can hire a drupal developer for a shopping website. To do this effectively, post on social media channels regularly, combining organic content with paid promotions. You should have a strong SEO strategy in place so that your content appears on the first page of results when customers search for products. When combined with Taboola’s brand-awareness campaigns, you’ll be well on your way to increasing sales.

Create an Email List and Stay Connected

Email is still the most effective channel. 59% of people say marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions. Collecting consumers’ email addresses is the first step in a solid email lead-generation strategy. Include an opt-in email capture form on your site at all times, and include one during the checkout process. Increase signups by offering something in exchange, such as a coupon code, free shipping, or other valuable offers.

Mobile Optimization

With mobile devices accounting for 59% of eCommerce sales and smaller retailers achieving a 30% higher mobile conversion rate than larger brands, an optimized mobile experience is critical.

Make your website mobile-responsive so that it adapts to different device sizes automatically. Conduct quality assurance (Q.A.) tests to ensure that buttons are easily clickable, content displays properly, and scrolling is simple. To improve the customer experience, try to automate the browsing, search, and checkout processes with autofill suggestions.

Gather Reviews and Feedback

For a growing eCommerce business, positive reviews are worth their weight in gold. According to one study, reviews can boost conversions by 270%, and 97% of consumers say they are influenced by reviews. To make leaving a review easy, ask for it right after the checkout process and include a pop-up with a clickable star-rating option.

Design Social Media Campaigns

Rather than waiting for customers to find you through a search, social media allows you to be proactive. It enables you to display your content in the feeds of your prospective customers via campaigns. Video ads outperform photo ads on Facebook by 10-30% and receive three times the engagement on Instagram.

Instagram, in particular, has made significant investments in its eCommerce features. Every month, shoppable posts receive 130 million taps. Experiment with all of the available placements, which include your Instagram page and stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, and Reels.

Most Popular Products on the Market

Popular products are ranked high for a reason. These items should be highlighted on landing pages, in recommendation sections, and other communications. You’ll sell more of them if you show all of the positive reviews that others have left.

Using an eCommerce website development for process pop-up notification system can  alert visitors on their purchase of specific products, you can continue to encourage purchases and create a sense of FOMO.

Repatriate Lost Sales

Customers abandon 70% of their shopping carts, costing businesses $18 billion per year. You can recover some lost sales by sending abandoned cart emails to customers and reminding them of the products they looked at.

Include retargeting or remarketing campaigns in your lead-generation strategy. Use these social media campaigns to show previous site visitors’ ads featuring the products they viewed. Even if this does not result in a direct purchase, you will raise brand awareness.

Conduct Promotions

Nothing like instant savings or a free bonus to induce an impulse purchase. Yes, we are discussing e-commerce promotions. Once a visitor has arrived at your website, the best way to nudge them toward a purchase is to provide tremendous value for the price. And the best way to persuade them to buy now is to make that value available for a limited time only.

Consider what type of promotion would work best with the products you want to promote. Here are a few examples:

Buy one, get one free

Free shipping


Sale price

A/B testing can help you increase your conversion rate.

A/B testing provides a data-backed way to incrementally improve your site and create a better overall shopping experience, resulting in increased sales. Product photos, headlines, CTA copy and button design, product copy, page layouts, promotions, and more can all be A/B tested.

By creating two variations and sending traffic to both, you can only test one item at a time. Determine which variation resulted in more effective conversion metrics, such as CTRs, email opt-ins, or sales, using Google Analytics or a similar tool.

Provide Outstanding Customer Service

The number one business aspect that influences consumers’ trust levels is providing good customer service. After a bad experience, 89 percent of customers switch to a competitor.

It’s relatively simple to provide excellent service, and it pays off financially. 52% of people make another purchase after having a positive experience. Be courteous, respond quickly, and be familiar with the customer’s purchasing history.


These eCommerce strategies have all been tried and tested. Some will deliver quick wins, while others will deliver long-term success. By reviewing your customer and sales data regularly, you can always keep your audience in mind and understand how they respond to different methods. You’ll quickly learn which tactics work best for your company and which you should avoid.

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